Girl Carrying Grasses: Patrick Scott’s painting, a detail of which is shown here, had a price tag of £105. A Belfast alderman said it was a “monstrosity” that would “be robbing ratepayers”. Photograph: Private collection

In 1958 the architect, designer and painter Patrick Scott was on holiday near La Spezia, in Italy. He was mesmerised by the sight of a local woman car(...)

Dr Jessamyn Fairfield, an organiser of Bright Club Dublin and improv performer

Science is a serious endeavour, but there’s room for joking around too. The rib-tickling aspects of research are encouraged at Bright Club Dublin, (...)

James Joseph Sylvester, like many brilliant young people today, had difficulty finding a suitable position

James Joseph Sylvester was born in London to Jewish parents in 1814 on this day 201 years ago. The family name was Joseph but, for reasons unclear,(...)

Illustration: Gary Waters/Ikon via Getty Images

In Ireland, about 450,000 people – or one in 10 – are depressed at any one time, according to And researchers are seeking to understand l(...)

Co-founder of TouchTech Payments Shekinah Adewumi: he says his product helps improve the online shopping experience for consumers

Shekinah Adewumi (20) and Joseph Kuye (19) are the co-founders of fintech start-up TouchTech Payments. Their product is a new online authentication so(...)

UCC president Dr Michael Murphy. Photograph: UCC

State agencies and Government departments should be subjected to international peer review on a regular basis to ensure greater efficiency and effe(...)

Thomas Dillon moved from Bundoran for a job in the United Arab Emirates.

As someone trying to build a career in digital, my friends told me I was crazy to leave Ireland, which by 2014 was pretty well established as Europe’s(...)

CAO course codes: smaller, specialised courses restrict student options and mobility. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

The manipulation of CAO points by colleges through the provision of courses with a small student intake is under scrutiny again this year. Toda(...)

Change to Trinity College’s admissions procedure should allow students to specialise later in their studies. File photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Trinity College Dublin is planning a major overhaul of its college admissions procedures to allow students entering the university to specialise la(...)

Dublin is the friendliest tourist destination in the world to visit, according to users of Twitter. Dublin received the most Twitter praise for havin(...)