Breastfeeding is linked to a range of health benefits for newborn babies and mothers. Photograph: Getty Images

Barely half of women giving birth in Irish maternity hospitals breastfeed at birth and one-third of these give up within a fortnight, a new national s(...)

Trinity College Dublin:  TCD  received a bronze award for the institution as a whole and   bronze awards at departmental level for the schools of chemistry,  physics and natural sciences. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the University of Limerick (UL) have become the first Irish higher education institutions to receive awards for ge(...)

Ideally, all prospective parents should seek professional health screening at least six months prior to a planned pregnancy.  Photograph: iStockphoto

Preconception care is where it’s at today for men and women wanting to have a healthy baby. What’s more, the nutritional status of a mother can have l(...)

Jimmy Kelly of Unite says many employers see labour as “nothing more than a commodity, to be picked up and discarded as convenient”. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Two out of every five workers in Ireland are reliant on insecure contracts, a conference heard today. The secretary of the Unite Ireland trade union s(...)

Minister of State Kathleen Lynch told the MacGill summer school young people were now buying ‘slabs’ of beer rather than six-packs. Photograph: Eric Luke

Young people are now buying slabs of beer instead of six- packs and are drinking, in some cases, as much as a bottle of spirits in a night, the MacGi(...)

An event at last year’s Festival of Curiosity

If you fancy having your brain tickled, the Festival of Curiosity offers plenty of opportunities in Dublin over the next few days. From dinosaurs t(...)

There are some 48,000 people living with dementia in Ireland, with Alzheimer’s the cause in most patients

There has been a cautious response to claims that a drug treatment given to patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease has been able to slo(...)

Rev Dr William O’Neill, who  had been author of Presbyterian Notes for The Irish Times since 1960.  Photograph: Sara Freund/The Irish Times

His name is Bill O’Neill and at the end of last month he finished writing for The Irish Times after 55 years. Is this a record? He had been author of(...)

Photograph: Thinkstock

How much are the oceans worth? About $24 trillion (€21.8 trillion). That’s according to marine scientist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, director of the Univer(...)

Minister for European Affairs and Data Protection Dara Murphy said the new forum would deal with the opportunities and challenges posed by the increasing use of personal data.

Challenges in dealing with the increased generation and use of personal information will be the focus of a new advisory group to the Government, which(...)