Since Stuxnet’s exposure in 2010, 20 countries have announced digital warfare programmes

The Stuxnet computer worm temporarily succeeded in its goal of crippling Iran’s controversial uranium enrichment programme but, as the world’s first d(...)

European Commissioner for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship Viviane Reding: ‘The Americans, according to their law, have the right to ask all companies to hand out data on the basis of the Patriot Act. That is not possible under European law. So these companies are in a conflict. Do they obey the Americans? They are contrary to European law. Do they obey European law? Then they are contrary to American law.’ photograph:  Mac Innes Photography/Department of The Taoiseach via Getty Images

“The Europeans won’t let this go. They want to know clearly what has really been going on.”Sitting in one of the State apartments in Dublin Castle, th(...)