Behind every statistic is a tragedy for the victim’s family and community. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The death of 14-year-old Dónal English-Hayden on a farm in Carlow this week was the 11th such fatality to occur on an Irish farm this year, among them(...)

Deloitte said the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has given the go-ahead for its acquisition of the Irish technology consultancy System Dynamics

Professional services firm Deloitte is to create 400 new jobs in Ireland, the company confirmed on Friday. Deloitte, which employs almost 2,000 people(...)

People  have a responsibility to better understand science

The burning of smokey coal in Dublin was banned back in 1990, with claims and counter claims about whether it was a good move or a waste of time. In (...)

Pat Spillane near his home in Kenmare, Co Kerry. “I think rural Ireland is now on the political agenda, for the first time possibly ever.” Photograph: Don MacMonagle

Pat Spillane works with the Commission for the Economic Development of Rural Areas. “I still see a two-tier economy in Ireland, with the gap between u(...)

Rowan Gillespie’s Famine statues on Custom House Quay in Dublin. Photograph: John Crowley

Have you dug your potatoes yet? As I write this I am packing for my holiday and wondering if blight will strike the potato plants in our absence. W(...)

Nanotechnology, already in widespread use in healthcare, has numerous possible applications in farming and food production. Photograph: Getty Images

“Smart food” that could be 3D-printed at home and even tell you when it goes spoiled will be possible in the not-too-distant future, according to agri(...)

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney: Calls for an urgent increase in the EU intervention price for milk to avert a full-blown crisis in rural Ireland. Photograph: Darragh Kane.

Irish dairy farmers are bracing themselves for further falls in milk prices amid fears the current market slump may drive many out of the industry. T(...)

Amendments to the Government’s climate change legislation will take the bare look off its commitment to engage seriously with global warming issues at(...)

Activists have been calling for an 80 per cent reduction target in carbon emissions to be enshrined in Irish legislation, as it is in other European states. This has been resisted by the Irish Farmers’ Association, however. File photograph: Brian Snyder/Reuters

The Government has bowed to criticism from environmental groups by moving to address the absence of specific emission targets in its climate change Bi(...)

Advances in seafood and seaweed processing  will be among the topics discussed

Opportunities to harvest food from the sea will be highlighted at the NutraMara Conference taking place in Dublin this week. NutraMara, the Marine Fun(...)