The European Central Bank’s “quantitative easing” policy means historically low borrowing costs. (Photographer: Martin Leissl/Bloomberg)

Falls in European interest rates into negative territory could profoundly affect the workings of the financial system and there is little chance of b(...)

By borrowing in Swiss francs Apple can take advantage of record-low funding costs after Swiss government bond yields turned negative

Apple sold 1.25 billion Swiss francs (€1.19 billion) of bonds in its debut offering in the currency. The iPhone maker sold 875 million francs of bonds(...)

Analysts warned that now that the European Central Bank had decided to use its veto on Greek bonds, a solution to the country’s debt crisis had to be found quickly.

A fall in Greek shares, sparked by the European Central Bank’s decision to stop accepting the country’s bonds, held back stock markets yesterday. A(...)

The congress centre before the opening of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, today. Photograph: EPA/Laurent Gillieron

Ireland has been ranked behind countries such as Britain, the US, Denmark and Luxembourg in terms of labour competitiveness in a new global study o(...)

Swiss lawmakers have passed a bill that would subject sports officials – such as the head of Fifa, and the International Olympic Committee – to mor(...)

Novartis chief executive Daniel Vasella was paid 219 times as much as his lowest paid employee in 2012. Photograph: Sebastian Derungs/Reuters

Some stories are hard to swallow. Take the one last week about the 17 Irish bankers who each earned more than a €1 million in 2012, with an average of(...)