The cement industry in China is getting dangerously close to a glut.  Photograph: Bloomberg

These are hard times for China’s cement industry. Last week, the government issued a decree ordering officials to halt the development of new cement a(...)

Residential construction  in  Guangzhou, Guangdong Province: new home prices in China’s four major cities are on the rise. Photograph: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

One piece of news sure to be welcomed by the BRICS countries is news that China’s economy seems to be expanding at a faster rate than before, and was (...)

A labourer works beside a logo of Bank of China: report has prompted speculation that the government is getting ready for a new campaign to tighten up capital outflow controls. Photograph: Reuters

It’s not common for the state-owned Chinese Central TV (CCTV) to blow the whistle on an equally powerful government-owned monolith, especially when th(...)

A voter carries her dog as she joins others lining up outside a polling station during an unofficial referendum in Hong Kong yesterday. Photograph: Reuters/Bobby Yip

More than 668,000 Hong Kong people have voted after the third day of a democracy poll that China says is illegal, dwarfing the most optimistic forecas(...)

Qingdao port, Shandong province: the People’s Bank of China will encourage banks to lend more to exporters to boost shipments. photograph: china stringer network/reuters

China’s economy continues to expand, but at a slower rate than previously – GDP rose 7.4 per cent in the first quarter, year on year, the slowest rate(...)

Sanya, Hainan: the past few years have seen major efforts to boost Hainan as a tourist destination. photograph: brent lewin/bloomberg

Also on Hainan island, not far from where Li Keqiang was speaking, authorities were announcing they would build the world’s largest duty free s(...)

Aircraft finance specialist Bank of Communications Financial Leasing (JY Aviation), will manage 21 aircraft from its new Dublin HQ.

One of China’s largest banks is establishing an aircraft leasing arm in the Republic. Aircraft finance specialist Bank of Communications Financ(...)

Following the establishment of Shanghai’s free-trade zone in September, FTZs are all the rage in China and the central government has given the go-ahe(...)

Sony Corp’s PlayStation 4 game console at Tokyo Game Show, Japan. Photograph:Yuya Shino/Files/Reuters

China has temporarily lifted a 14-year-old ban on selling video game consoles, paving the way for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to enter the world’s t(...)

A Chinese man lights a cigarette while walking past a convenience store in Beijing. China is looking to create a national smoking ban in public places to be implemented by next year. Photograph: EPA

China, home to the world’s largest number of smokers, has introduced a ban on government officials from smoking in public, to set an example to the re(...)