The  CCTV Building in  Beijing. Photograph: Frederic J Brown/AFP/Getty Images

The architectural elite may love the wacky buildings emerging from China’s rise, but senior leaders cannot get their heads around them. Under a new d(...)

China’s climate change special representative Xie Zhenhua speaks at a news conference in Beijing in November. Photograph: Reuters

China’s special representative on climate change Xie Zhenhua has described the country’s commitments to cut emissions as “specific, powerful and pragm(...)

China’s President Xi Jinping: wants to rationalise state-owned enterprises. Photograph: Leon Neal/PA Wire

One of the central planks of reform in president Xi Jinping’s China has always been bringing about more rationalisation of the State Owned Enterprises(...)

An aerial view of a large hole in the ground in the aftermath of a huge explosion that rocked the port city of Tianjin, China, in August, killing 161 people. Photograph: EPA/STR CHINA OUT

Chinese social media users are reacting with scorn at a Tianjin government idea to turn the site of twin explosions in August into an “eco park”. Tian(...)

UnionPay: its days of domination may be under threat after a complaint in 2012 by the United States to the World Trade Organisation

The Chinese payment system UnionPay, operated by the People’s Bank of China and owned by the about 85 domestic banks, which dominates the credit card (...)

Rescue workers search on a sunken ship in the Jianli section of Yangtze River, Hubei province. Photograph: Reuters

Divers have pulled two people alive from inside a capsized cruise ship in China and are preparing to rescue at least four more, state broadcaster CCTV(...)

Investors look at computer screens showing stock information at a brokerage house in Fuyang, Anhui province, China. Photograph: Reuters/China Daily

Late last week, shares on the CSI 300 index hit a seven-year high and their biggest weekly gain (nearly seven per cent) in two months. Investors are c(...)

A construction site in Qingdao in China’s Shandong province: Premier Li Keqiang has urged local officials to  avoid bureaucratic delays on infrastructure projects. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

It’s all about infrastructure spending in Asia at the moment, with many economies in the region expanding their investment in transport, communication(...)

 Chinese President Xi Jinping:  crackdown on  decadent bourgeois pastimes and luxury lifestyles. Photograph: EPA/FENG LI

Once banned as a decadent bourgeois pastime by chairman Mao Zedong, golf enjoyed a brief purple patch during the heady days of the noughties boom, but(...)

The cement industry in China is getting dangerously close to a glut.  Photograph: Bloomberg

These are hard times for China’s cement industry. Last week, the government issued a decree ordering officials to halt the development of new cement a(...)