German chancellor Angela Merkel of the CDU  chats with foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier of the SPD in the Bundestag on Wednesday. The two have presented a united front on a range of issues, but testing times lie ahead for the coalition partners. Photograph: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

Angela Merkel passed another milestone yesterday, overtaking Helmut Schmidt to become postwar Germany’s third-longest serving chancellor. (...)

Slightly more than a tenth of workers in western Germany earn less than €8.50  an hour, compared with a quarter of workers in eastern Germany, according to data from the IWH institute. Photograph: Reuters

Germany’s cabinet has agreed to a national minimum wage of €8.50 per hour - a flagship project for the Social Democrats (SPD) who share power w(...)

Justice minister Heiko Maas described the overhauled citizenship rules as a “very significant step towards modern citizenship policy”. Photograph: EPA/Maurizio Gambarini

Germany’s three million-strong Turkish community has dismissed liberalised dual citizenship rules for non-EU citizens as a “half-hearted bureaucrat(...)

Chancellor Angela Merkel with French president François Hollande as she leaves the Élysée Palace.  Photograph: Reuters

After stagnating for the first 18 months of François Hollande’s presidency, Franco-German relations seemed to blossom at the annual Franco-Germ(...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel with former  agriculture minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, whom she fired  last Friday after he admitted telling the Social Democratic Party – but not her – last year that one of its MPs had been named in a swoop on a Canadian child pornography ring. Photograph: Reuters/Thomas Peter

German chancellor Angela Merkel is facing the first crisis of her third term with her(...)

Berlin’s culture minister André Schmitz has resigned after eight years in office when it emerged the German tax man had linked him to a Credit Suisse bank account holding €425,000. Photograph:  Sebastian Kahnert/AFP/Getty Images

To life’s two sad certainties, death and taxes, Germans have added a third: tax evasion. After cracking open Swiss bank secrecy, then buying up(...)

 German chancellor Angela Merkel, criticised for the “drastic treatment” she forced on euro crisis countries.  Photograph: Maurizio Gambarini/EPA

German philosopher Jürgen Habermas has warned that Berlin’s flawed analysis of the euro crisis and its “mean-spirited” response is undermining the Eur(...)

Passengers boarding a bus departing for western Europe at the central bus station in Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgarians and Romanians can work freely in all EU countries, since midnight on December 31st, 2013. Photograph: Vassil Donev/Epa

Two weeks after taking office, chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition partners are at loggerheads over claims that Germany is facing a wave of so-cal(...)

From left: family minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) and defence minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) arrive for the weekly German federal cabinet meeting in Berlin yesterday. Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty Images

Wearing a black trouser suit and a tired smile, German chancellor Angela Merkel was re-elected yesterday for a third term as German leader.After a thr(...)

German president Joachim Gauck (R) gives chancellor Angela Merkel her new appointment papers during a ceremony in Berlin today. Photograph:  Adam Berry/Getty Images.

Angela Merkel was elected to a third term as chancellor in a vote in the German lower house of parliament today, paving the way for her new “grand coa(...)

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