Loose windows: you should take steps to ensure that all of the individual apartment owners/occupants are notified so that they can have the opportunity to have their windows checked and re-secured if necessary

Q I live on the fourth floor of an apartment block. Recently one of the windows fell out on to my daughter who was standing in the kitchen (she hur(...)

Neighbours in an apartment development are contractually obligated to pay their service charges by way of their binding lease agreement that they entered into with the owners’ management company

Q I own a ground floor apartment in a small town in Co Mayo. I have lived here for nearly nine years and have paid the service charge every year. The (...)

Composite decking is easier to maintain and has a much longer life. Any new decking should also be installed on a slight slope to one side so that when rain water falls upon the decking it will fall off along the grooves towards one side. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q The raised decking at the rear of our house is nine years old. For the past year or so water has been collecting in the centre of it. I have trie(...)

New building regulations came into force in February 2014. Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA

There has been very good news in recent days on the rate of construction of new homes – or reasonably good news, depending on whose statistics you buy(...)

You should employ a tradesperson as soon as possible to carry out a localised repair if a door is letting in rainwater

Q We recently bought a ground- floor apartment from a developer. We soon discovered rainwater was leaking into the livingroom from the patio door a(...)

The official figures say that 11,016 homes were built in 2014. The surveyors say the real number was 20 per cent less. Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters

Almost a year since the fanfare surrounding the Government’s Construction 2020 strategy document, nobody has a handle on the actual number of new home(...)

The ESRI  estimates that the Republic needs to build between 19,000 and 33,000 new houses a year. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

The Republic’s housing crisis may be worse than is believed because the Government is overestimating the number of new homes being built, a new report(...)

Official estimates exaggerated the number of new homes built in the Republic last year by more than 2,000, a new report claims.

Official estimates exaggerated the number of new homes built in the Republic last year by more than 2,000, a new report claims.A five-year slump in co(...)

That sinking feeling: what could be the couse of the foul odour coming from the sink in our spare bedroom? Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I have an ongoing problem with a sink in an en-suite bathroom of a rarely used bedroom; for whatever reason a foul smell is emanating from it. It se(...)

Lovely but cold loft bedroom: up to 30 per cent of the heat produced in your home can escape through the roof if it is not insulated, so it is important to ensure that it is insulated appropriately. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I recently purchased a house and was informed by the agent at the time that one of the bedrooms was a loft that had been converted a number of ye(...)