Lovely but cold loft bedroom: up to 30 per cent of the heat produced in your home can escape through the roof if it is not insulated, so it is important to ensure that it is insulated appropriately. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q I recently purchased a house and was informed by the agent at the time that one of the bedrooms was a loft that had been converted a number of ye(...)

If the radiator is at the end of a long leg of piping this could result in significant heat loss in the radiator. Photograph: Thinkstock

Q Five years ago I renovated an old bungalow that included dry walling the interior wall on all the external walls. I am having issues with so(...)

It would be quite typical with old Georgian houses that they would have a poor standard of thermal insulation, particularly through windows and through the roof if you are located at the top floor of the building

Q We moved into a new apartment a few months back. It’s a small two-bed in an old Georgian house. The last electricity bill we received was €4(...)

Vincent Hickey, chair of the SCSI Property and Facilities Management Professional Group with former soccer star Niall Quinn

Former Republic of Ireland soccer legend Niall Quinn was the star turn at the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland’s Property and Facility Managers (...)

Apart from exempted works, all extensions, material alterations and material changes of use must comply with the building regulations

Q I own a two-bedroom apartment which was built in 1980. It is very solid but also very cold, particularly the exterior walls and floors (lami(...)

Anyone can gift another person €3,000 per annum without tax being applicable

Q I’d like to give my daughter a leg up the property ladder. How much can I gift her as a deposit? A This is a very topical question especially(...)

Insulation can often help reduce noise levels from water tanks and pipework in the attic. The tank and pipework must also be adequately secured

Q A horrible noise can be heard around my home whenever the loft tank is refilling. The problem is particularly embarrassing whenever we have guest(...)

Oliver Callan, comedian and impressionist: on hand  to provide the laughs at the annual SCSI dinner

The improving fortunes of the property industry are not yet entirely evident, and it’s unlikely our skylines will be crammed with cranes again anytime(...)

Patrick’s Hill  in Cork: house price growth in the city has been gathering pace since the middle of last year. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The residential property market in Cork is likely to overtake the Dublin market this year. House price growth in Cork has been gathering pace since(...)

The rebound in Irish property will moderate substantially this year as tighter lending rules exert a downward pressure on prices, a report by the Soci(...)