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Last month Logentries, a spin-out company from University College Dublin, was acquired by US firm Rapid7 for about €63 million. The company was fou(...)

The  Alimentary Adventure inflatable exhibit  explaining the digestive system in Cork City Hall. Photograph:  Michael MacSweeney/Provision

The messy business of how our digestive system works is revealed in a Science Week show by the London Science Museum that offers visitors a step-by-st(...)

Why do onions make you cry? And can apple seeds poison you? Read about these five fascinating food facts to get the answers. Food is the theme for (...)

Compounds in seaweed may be used to prevent tissue damage in transplant patients

Scientists are searching for promising new drugs in the most unusual of places, from the depths of the ocean floor to the contents of an infant’s nap(...)

Biomechanics of the golf swing: Rory McIlroy. Photograph: James Connolly/PicSell

Today’s athletes have a touch of the Bionic Man to them, with GPS tracking their movment, devices to measure the force of impacts and wireless radio (...)

A  Meccanoid G15 KS robot, manufactured by Meccano, displayed in London last week.  Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Today’s athletes have a touch of the “Bionic Man” to them, with GPS tracking their movement, devices to measure the force of impacts and wireless r(...)

The International Year of Light has already seen a number of events in Ireland, including the lighting of the Spire in Dublin which was timed to coincide with the St Patrick’s Day festival. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

It’s the International Year of Light. That’s not some airy-fairy notion about positivity; it’s a chance to focus on the science of light. In 20(...)

Students from Rathfarnham Educate Together National School at the launch of Science Week 2007 in City Hall

Want to meet an astronaut or design a satellite? Or maybe you would like to see mathematics turned into a fun subject that anyone can understand. (...)

Preventing the unnecessary deaths of mothers and their newborns is the goal of a research centre based at University College Cork. This group has just(...)

The research will  be useful for people trying to develop the best replacement heart valves

Scientists can become involved in some unusual research at times, such as the group at Trinity College Dublin who decided to “pull on heart strings” t(...)