The revised planning laws are likely to close loopholes that allowed exchanging money or land in lieu of social housing

It was hailed as one of the most socially progressive policies when it was unveiled more than a decade ago. To address years of ghettoised social hous(...)

Up to 10 community workers will have their fees for the BA in housing and community studies paid under the scheme, which is being funded by an anonymous donor. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Tackling the Dublin housing crisis effectively will require not just better planning but also the input of qualified professionals from the communitie(...)

Christine O’Donoghue, a resident and volunteer at the Airmount allotments (left) and Eleanor Gaffney, a support worker with the housing agency, Respond!.

Like creeping thistle and nettles, despair can sometimes be invasive.Which is why most days Christine O’Donoghue takes up her trowel and heads down to(...)

Before regeneration: St Michael’s Road, Longford

Not so long ago, St Michael’s Road in Longford was in danger of becoming a no-go area. Once charming, stone-built artisan homes sat dead-eyed with boa(...)