Samples of standardised or plain packaging of tobacco products.

Ireland has maintained its position for a second year as the 18th best country for protecting property rights in the globe according to the influenti(...)

Former US president George W Bush speaks at the launch his new book, “41: A Portrait of My Father”, at the George Bush Presidential Library Center in College Station, Texas. Photograph: Mike Stone/Reuters

George W Bush, the 43rd president, unveiling his new biography of his father, 41st president, George HW Bush – a book he describes as “a love story” –(...)

US and China leaders Barack Obama and Xi Jinping at a banquet in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing,  after agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Photograph: Greg Baker/New York Times

China and the United States have unexpectedly agreed to strengthen their co-operation on cutting greenhouse gases and have pledged to reduce emission(...)

The sight of Democratic spin doctors ahead of the US midterms preparing their troops for defeat by desperately distancing themselves from President Ob(...)

Republican candidate Cory Gardner: women’s rights,  President Obama’s unpopularity, Ebola and the rise of Islamic State, are the most discussed issues in these elections. Photograph: Reuters

In one of the stranger negative campaign ads for next Tuesday’s US midterm elections, a young man scrambles from under a duvet in a bedside locker (...)

Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers  Photograph: David Young/PA

Stormont ministers will hold a crunch meeting today in a bid to strike a deal on a hard hitting budget ahead of a deadline tomorrow.If the power-shari(...)

New Jersey governer Chris Christie  has refused to budge on his much-criticised decision to place health workers returning from treating Ebola patients in west Africa in mandatory isolation. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Republican governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has refused to budge on his much- criticised decision to place health workers returning from tre(...)

You can get a sense of the ideology at work in some of the documents produced by House Republicans under the leadership of Paul Ryan. Photograph: Aaron Bernstein/Reuters

America used to be a country that built for the future. Sometimes the government built directly: public projects, from the Erie canal to the interstat(...)

Commentators and poll analysts from left and right have already prety much awarded the Senate to Republicans. All it will take is six seats to swing t(...)

A police report released today detailed a brawl that broke out at an Anchorage house party and involved members of Sarah Palin’s family, including allegations that Bristol Palin punched the host several times in the face. Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

US police have released details of a drunken brawl at a birthday party in Anchorage last month involving the family of former Alaska governor and on(...)