Adverse credibility findings in asylum claim were arrived at without rational basis M.O.S.H. v. Refugee Appeals Tribunal [2015]IEHC 209 (High Court, E(...)

Surrendering a woman accused of a minor theft to Latvia would be disproportionate Minister for Justice vs OC IEHC 161 (High Court, Edwards J, February(...)

The Irish Refugee Council said important changes to the Freedom of Information Act were rushed through the Oireachtas before the Easter break without adequate time for debate.

The Irish Refugee Council has expressed its “concern” at the manner in which restrictions to the Freedom of Information Act, as it applies to bodies d(...)

Mary Lou McDonald said she was “deeply alarmed” by the proposal  to change to the date from which refugee bodies are subject to freedom of information legislation.  Photograph: Eric Luke

A proposal to change the date from which the records of two refugee bodies are subject to the Freedom of Information Act has drawn criticism. The prop(...)

Affidavit is admissible in commercial proceedings, even though place of business was described as “place of abode” Kearney v Bank of Scotland [2015]IE(...)

Key cases in brief

A bank is under no duty to inquire into and advise against a customer’s transactions Delaney vs Allied Irish Banks Plc (2015) IEHC 52 (High Court, Cre(...)

Judgments: Key cases in brief

A two-week break during an assault trial did not render a conviction unsafe. DPP vs Franey (2015) IECA 15 (Court of Appeal, Edwards J, February 4th, 2(...)

The Cameroonian woman claimed she was told at her father’s funeral  she must become the wife of a chief and ordered to drink a glass of human blood

A High Court judge has criticised a “gratuitously insulting” remark by a Refugee Appeals Tribunal member about a Cameroonian woman’s religious convic(...)

Judgments: Key cases in brief

Lies told by personal injuries plaintiff were not significant to his overall claim Looby v Fatalski [2014] IEHC 564 (High Court, Barr J, December 3rd,(...)

Judgments: Key cases in brief

Claim against estate of grandfather for alleged sexual assault dismissed due to overwhelming prejudice Whelan v Lawn [2014]IESC 75 (Supreme Court, Har(...)