Judgments: Key cases in brief

A two-week break during an assault trial did not render a conviction unsafe. DPP vs Franey (2015) IECA 15 (Court of Appeal, Edwards J, February 4th, 2(...)

The Cameroonian woman claimed she was told at her father’s funeral  she must become the wife of a chief and ordered to drink a glass of human blood

A High Court judge has criticised a “gratuitously insulting” remark by a Refugee Appeals Tribunal member about a Cameroonian woman’s religious convic(...)

Judgments: Key cases in brief

Lies told by personal injuries plaintiff were not significant to his overall claim Looby v Fatalski [2014] IEHC 564 (High Court, Barr J, December 3rd,(...)

Judgments: Key cases in brief

Claim against estate of grandfather for alleged sexual assault dismissed due to overwhelming prejudice Whelan v Lawn [2014]IESC 75 (Supreme Court, Har(...)

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has split asylum reforms from the main immigration overhaul. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The Government is to publish a Bill in the coming weeks that aims to speed up the asylum process and reduce the amount of time people spend in the dir(...)

Mother’s failed application for refugee status led to appeal being rejected. Photograph: Reuters

The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal on behalf of a four-year-old girl who it was claimed would be subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) i(...)

Judgments: key cases in brief

New evidence of female genital mutilation was not properly considered in a decision not to revoke deportation order. HK & Ors vs Minister for J(...)

Judgments: key cases in brief

Clare-based engineer had standing to challenge administrative policy of Laois County Council. Duffy v Laois County Council [2014]IEHC 469 (High Court,(...)

Justice Paul McDermott:  satisfied to quash the tribunal decision and remit the case back for re-consideration by another tribunal.

A man who claims he cannot return to his native Georgia because he will be subjected to anti-gay violence and intimidation is entitled to a fresh cons(...)

Solicitor guilty of misconduct in attempting to cover up earlier mistake Kean v. Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal [2014]IEHC 432 (High Court, Kearns P(...)