Lisa O’Neill: “I lose concentration very easily; the page is boring for me to look at.” Photograph: Eric Luke

‘I’m owning it more, and I really value that,” says Cavan singer-songwriter, Lisa O’Neill, who is reflecting on the difference a few years can make i(...)

 Micheál Martin of Fianna Fáil at the Dáil before the vote for Taoiseach. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Gerry Adams may be of some service to them after all. No better man than the Sinn Féin president to give Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin advice on dec(...)

Reclaiming the streets: the Air Corps flying over O’Connell Street in advance of the Easter Sunday commemoration ceremony and parade. Photograph: Maxwells/Getty Images

‘Do you know what?”said my friend. “It was a great day out.” She had put her finger on it. It was a great day out. Indeed it was a great week out. And(...)

The world’s top Go player Lee Sedol (right) plays against Google’s artificial intelligence programme AlphaGo as Google DeepMind’s lead programmer Aja Huang (left) looks on during the fourth match of Google DeepMind Challenge Match in Seoul, South Korea recently. Photograph: REUTERS/Korea Baduk Association/Yonhap

Can machines think? Well, what does it mean “to think”? Thinking about thought is a journey into philosophy. Instead Alan Turing asked a different que(...)

Bernal building at University of Limerick

Launched in late 2013 the Bernal Project is an initiative of the University of Limerick which aims to make a significant contribution to Ireland’s nat(...)

Post-shoot, Ferdia has returned to school. But readjusting to civilian life hasn’t been easy: “You’ve worked equally with other adults and suddenly you’re just a kid again. I don’t want to come across as a diva but it’s hard being stuck in a uniform in a room again.  h

If you don’t recognise the name Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, you best start memorising it. The 16-year-old star of Sing Street has recently wowed audiences at(...)

Brute is where Fatima Al Qadiri takes a long look at the world around her and finds plenty which disturbs her. In her past solo and collaborativ(...)

Bruce Schneier: “I think we need to start disconnecting systems. If we can’t control it, we have to not build a world where everything is connected” Bruce Schneier: “I think we need to start disconnecting systems. If we can’t control it, we have to not build a world where everything is connected”

Either we start to disconnect our increasingly networked world or we risk daunting social, safety, security and privacy consequences, a leading comput(...)

U.S. President Barack Obama, right, waves to the audience after speaking with Evan Smith, chief executive officer and editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune, during the South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas

As debate over the conflict between the NSA’s request for access to personal data from Apple continues to polarize American society, President Barack (...)

Geoffrey Shannon, the Government’s special rapporteur on children, said the children at greatest risk of being bullied were often the more vulnerable – LGBT, foreign-national or Traveller children. Photograph:  Dara Mac Donaill

A criminal offence of cyberbullying should be introduced in legislation, the Government’s special rapporteur on children has said. Geoffrey Shannon(...)