Google Glass: the invention’s very public failure points to a bigger question for the web search giant.

Google’s research arm, Google X, is called the company’s Moonshot Factory. One reason the company picked the word “moonshot” was to remind people to t(...)

Concern over the gap between rich and poor isn’t new. But ever since French economist Thomas Piketty became compulsory reading for world leaders, t(...)

 Margaret Martin from Womens Aid says that legislation does not deal with the virtual world. Photograph: Alan Betson 1:55

Legislation is urgently needed to allow younger women who have never lived with their partners to access safety or barring orders, Women’s Aid has wa(...)

Quantum cryptography offers a path to improved internet security, the idea being that you can hide information in the quantum state of sub-atomic particles

Fans of Breaking Bad may inadvertently know more about quantum mechanics than they think. Walter White is a quantum character. As one fans’ website pu(...)

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has said  that new legislation to be published shortly on children’s issues will ensure people can focus solely on the issue of marriage equality when they vote in the referendum in May.  Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times.

New legislation to be published shortly on children’s issues will ensure people can focus solely on the issue of marriage equality when they vote in (...)

Dr Sandra Collins and Dr Natalie Harrower of the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) who won the overall award for the ‘Inspiring Ireland’ project at the 2014 eGovernment Awards

On his visit to Dublin last week, as reported in The Irish Times, Bank of England governor Mark Carney spoke about fiscal risk-sharing across the euro(...)

While hire-by-the-minute services such as GoCar already give members access to cars, these services are limited and, if you have a long journey in mind, can be prohibitively expensive. Photograph: Conor McCabe

Anyone who grew up in the late 1980s and early 1990s pretty much expected everything to be virtual by now. Our comics and sci-fi movies all confide(...)

Web Summit: An overpriced annual event attended by famous models, once-famous rock stars, some guy from Twitter and thousands of wannabes. Photograph:  Maxpix

You’re no one these days unless you have started your own company and subsequently sold it for a colossal sum by the age of 22. Obviously, it’s(...)

iTunes store: value proposition for consumers was actually the greater convenience of the iTunes/iPod ecosystem over illegal downloading sites rather than the music itself

To get a deeper understanding of how disruption works in the real world, it’s always a valuable exercise to assess the contrasting fortunes of various(...)

Dash, a programmable robot, navigates its way through a maze of blocks

When we talk about children’s access to digital technology, we often focus on “screen time”, but that term is a bit antiquated. Across the industry, (...)