Governor of Odessa Mikheil Saakashvili is determined to make Ukraine’s largest region, a model of liberal reform. Photograph: Alexey Kravtsov/AFP/Getty Images

Ukraine’s potential to become a new European hub of internet innovation was a feature of the Web Summit last week, where nine of the embattled coun(...)

Biomechanics of the golf swing: Rory McIlroy. Photograph: James Connolly/PicSell

Today’s athletes have a touch of the Bionic Man to them, with GPS tracking their movment, devices to measure the force of impacts and wireless radio (...)

A  Meccanoid G15 KS robot, manufactured by Meccano, displayed in London last week.  Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Today’s athletes have a touch of the “Bionic Man” to them, with GPS tracking their movement, devices to measure the force of impacts and wireless r(...)

Archbishop Eamon Martin: The sins of bearing false witness, defamation, detraction and calumny are no less grave just because they are committed behind the anonymity of a computer screen. Photograph: PA

Social media is being turned into a harsh and dehumanising place for some, Catholic primate Archbishop Eamon Martin has said. It was particularly rep(...)

Jacki Ford Morie, founder of The Augmented Traveler, on the Centre Stage during day two of the 2015 Web Summit in the RDS in Dublin.   Photograph: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Day two of Web Summit and a large number of the morning sessions were stuck in augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR). Despite suspicions, augmente(...)

There was one simple reason why McLaren had to go looking for new suppliers when it decided to do the 570S. It had never put vanity mirrors in a car b(...)

Potatoes release an enzyme that’s amazing for brightening [or lightening] the eye area, even better than cucumber.

I’ve experienced some unusual beauty treatments in this line of work, but they never involved potatoes – until recently. The very glam Elysian (...)

Guy Garvey: “Most people don’t realise till they’re nearing 40 that you’re allowed to feel more than one thing at one time”.

Every day’s an education with Guy Garvey. You ring the Elbow frontman up for a chat, and before you know it you’re deep into a conversation about t(...)

Sombreros: Banned at the University of East Anglia lest they cause offence. Getty

Two weeks ago the student union of the University of East Anglia banned a Tex-Mex restaurant called Pedro’s from distributing sombreros during fresher(...)

The reality is that offering a chicken for €3 is merely a marketing ploy

Once again there was the usual competition among retailers at the National Ploughing Championships, with each trying to outdo the other in relation to(...)