Editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre: accused of  being a coward and a bully

Labour leader Ed Miliband has demanded that the Daily Mail apologises for using a photograph of his father’s gravestone in a bitter attack upon the Ma(...)

 Ed Miliband: “It’s perfectly legitimate for the Daily Mail to talk about my father’s politics but when they say that he hated Britain I was not willing to put up with that.” Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

Ed Miliband has been given support from David Cameron and Nick Clegg over his decision to take on the Daily Mail in response to an article he claimed (...)

Elaine O’Hara: The ‘Sun’, the ‘Star’ and the ‘Mirror’ ran particularly lurid front-page headlines about her murder. Photograph: PA

Amid the bluntness of the coverage of Elaine O’Hara’s death, the all-too-familiar prurience and conjecture that follows a tragedy, it was a pun tha(...)