The statue of Cecil Rhodes on the front of Oriel College in Oxford, as furious campaigners have vowed to fight the “outrageous” decision to keep the statue of the British colonialist on the front of the Oxford University college.  Photoagraph: Steve Parsons/PA

Oriel College Oxford has been accused of putting the money of big donors before students’ free speech after it announced that it would not remove a st(...)

‘The world doesn’t seem to understand that there really are people who are content to live alone.’ Ann Widdecombe in Belfast last week. Photograph: Mark Marlow/Pacemaker

At 8am in a Belfast hotel, Ann Widdecombe, who the night before was participating in the Belfast Book Festival, is already looking bright and breez(...)

Martin McGuinness: claimed any deaths of civilians in IRA operations were due to “mistakes”. Photograph: PA

‘Obviously people will have their own interpretation of that” was one of the starker lines delivered by Martin McGuinness during a debate at the Oxfor(...)

Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness who told the Oxford Union last night that he was “absolutely prepared to say sorry to people whose lives I have affected”. Photograph: Daniel Ming/Al Jazeera

The IRA could “have killed thousands on the streets of London and in Northern Ireland” during the Troubles, Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister M(...)