Orange heritage: the museum’s replica lodge room. Photograph: Graham Curry

The new Museum of Orange Heritage began causing controversy before its doors even opened to the public. A billboard for the interpretive centre, wh(...)

Members of the 1916 Societies were responsible for erecting the Tricolour and the green flag of the Irish Republic over Parliament Buildings, Stormont(...)

Orange Order: a new film, Strong to Survive, casts light on families bereaved during the Troubles. Photograph: Russell Cheyne

A new film, Strong to Survive, tells the stories of Orange Order members killed, maimed, wounded or traumatised during the Troubles and describes the (...)

Northern Secretary Theresa Villiers has called for a fresh comprehensive process to try to resolve the annual Twelfth of July frequently violent parad(...)

Minister for Foreign Affairs offers support to Donegal Orangemen after arson  attacks on their halls. Photograph; Dara Mac Donaill / The Irish Times

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan has told Orange Order representatives that attacks on their halls in Co Donegal were an attack on th(...)

 Orangemen and women march at Saturday’s  pro-union parade in Edinburgh. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

David Cameron brewed a coffee and watched as the Orange Order’s 15,000-strong march passed by on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.Neither Cameron nor his c(...)

A member of the Orange Order gestures to the crowd during a pro-Union rally in Edinburgh today. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters 2:02

About 12,000 Orange Order members from Northern Ireland and Scotland marched through Edinburgh today in a show of support for keeping Scotland in the (...)

Loyalists taking part in the Orange Order protest rally against the signing of the Anglo-Irish Agreement at Hillsborough Castle, Co Down, in 1986. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh / The Irish Times

The key roles of secretary of state Douglas Hurd and RUC chief constable Sir Jack Hermon in the RUC decision to re-route a controversial Orange parad(...)

Billy Hutchinson: leader of the Progressive Unionist Party, which is linked to the UVF, said: “We will move on to the next part [of the graduated response]. It will be peaceful . . . as it was today, so I think we’re in a good position.”

PSNI chief constable George Hamilton has praised the Orange Order and unionist and nationalist politicians for helping ensure that Saturday’s 12th of(...)

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness: at the weekend he tweeted, “Pleased today’s Orange O parades passed peacefully. Parades Commission determination & those who mainly abided by it delivered.” Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

About an hour after the north Belfast Orangemen dispersed and went home in the rain on Saturday night, local SDLP Assembly member Alban Maginness issu(...)