DUP of assembly candidate Ian McCrea standing next to a memorial to the victims of an IRA bomb in Co  Tyrone after it was vandalised. Photograph: DUP/PA Wire

A memorial to the victims of an IRA bomb in Co Tyrone has been attacked. Paint was thrown at the stone marking eight deaths at Teebane crossroads be(...)

The problems currently facing the Orange institution in Northern Ireland are nothing new. Indeed if anything it is a replay of the conflicts of the re(...)

Dr Richard Haass with Megan O’Sullivan, talks to the media at the Stormont hotel in Belfast, where all party talks failed to secure a deal last month. Photograpoh: PA

The Ulster Unionists last night criticised the proposals put forward by Richard Haass after a party meeting in Belfast. Following a party executive me(...)

There were five successive nights of violence after a number of Orange lodges were prevented from parading past the nationalist Ardoyne area at the end of traditional Twelfth of July Orange Order commemorations last Friday.  Photograph: Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

Police in Northern Ireland have mounted another major security operation in Belfast today amid fears of further parade-related violence.The concerns c(...)