The unemployment rate for those aged between 18-24 year fell 2.9 percentage points to 19.5 per cent, compared to the UK average of 14 per cent

Unemployment in the North fell by 0.3 percentage points to 6 per cent for the period from November to January amd was dowm 1.5 percentage points compa(...)

The latest tourism figures show a worrying drop in the numbers on the island choosing the North as a destination stay.  Photograph: PA

If you live in the Republic and are thinking about taking a little break it’s unlikely you are planning on heading North. The same is true if you live(...)

Map showing the breakdown of Roman Catholics on both sides of the Border. Screengrab: Airo

We share the same island but a new interactive atlas mapping census data from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland reveals some big diffe(...)