Loyalist protesters demonstrate against restrictions on flying the union flag from Belfast City Hall in central Belfast last January 2013. Photograph: Reuters

A DUP and Ulster Unionist Party pamphlet warning against limiting the days the British union flag should fly over Belfast City Hall had a “catalytic e(...)

First Minister Peter Robinson: “very clearly . . . the Irish State was funding the guns going to the Provisional IRA”. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire

First Minister Peter Robinson and Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin have taken opposing positions over unionist claims that in 1969-1970 the governmen(...)

Loyalist protestors carrying Union flags clash with police outside the City Hall in Belfast last December. The absence of a strategy for flags, parades or dealing with the past has left the political establishment vulnerable to the shocks delivered by incidents and events such as the flags dispute, said Dr Paul Nolan, author of the second Northern Ireland peace monitoring report. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA

The fragility of the Northern Ireland peace process has increased because of the absence of a policy to tackle sectaria(...)