Noeline Blackwell of the Free Legal Advice Centres at the Finance Committee today.

Banks are using computer systems rather than staff working with distressed mortgage holders to make decisions on how to handle clients in arrea(...)

The country’s first proposed debt settlement arrangement has been accepted by creditors at a meeting in Dublin today.Creditors voted by a majority of (...)

An avalanche of bankruptcy cases are expected next month following the commencement of legislation that shortens the bankruptcy terms from 12 to three(...)

Vincent P Martin  and Ross Maguire  of New Beginings said there were concerns about whether county registrars should have such power to grant orders for the possession of homes. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

New Beginning, the organisation set up to support people in danger of losing their homes, is to challenge the power of county registrars to grant orde(...)

 Michael McGrath: said he has concerns about the provision

A provision in new personal insolvency legislation to allow banks recoup any profit a borrower might make from the early sale of a debt-writedown home(...)

New Beginning founder Ross Maguire warned that failure to overhaul the examinership process  would see businesses close. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill

A dramatic overhaul of the examinership process is essential if the huge number of small and medium businesses struggling to meet loan r(...)