Dr Tom McDonnell of the Nevin Economic Research Institute said a household with a lone adult would pay €176, with a further €102 for each extra adult

The introduction of water charges is generally regressive and, without additional policy measures, will increase poverty for the poorest members of (...)

The long-term rate of return to the Irish economy from prudently targeted public investment is very likely to exceed the current cost of borrowing

The Government should borrow “billions of euro” to invest in a massive social housing building programme, said the Nevin Economic Research Institut(...)

At the height of the economic crisis a few years ago an economist remarked, “We will know when the crisis is over when economic crisis conferences are(...)

A tax protest march in the early 1980s. The debate still rages.

Pre-budget hysteria rises inexorably year by year. And with it comes a fall in the quality of proper analysis. The debate has become increasingly juve(...)

Few dispute that those stuck on low wages are struggling to make ends meet. But there are sharp differences of opinion over who is responsible for imp(...)

A ‘living wage’ of €11.45 an hour would provide an acceptable minimum standard of living to employees, according to research by campaign groups. Irela(...)

Work is scarce: archaeologist Liza Kavanagh. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

It’s a message the Government has been selling for months: the dark clouds of austerity are parting; the wind is at our back; we are finally emerging (...)

Tax and fairness

The decision by Minister for Finance Michael Noonan to deny the Revenue Commissioners permission to hire additional audit inspectors, who were each ex(...)

Jim Power, chief economist, Friends First

A number of economists have warned that October’s budget may be too early for the Government to take action to lower the amount of tax paid by people(...)

 Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton:  has pledged to establish an independent commission on low pay  to advise the Government on minimum wage levels  if elected Labour leader. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

A “living wage” of €11.45 an hour is needed to provide an acceptable minimum standard of living to employees, according to research by campaign group(...)