Suzanne Costello chief executive of Alcohol Action Ireland: ‘Like most systems of self-regulation in Ireland, the alcohol industry’s codes have proven to be wholly ineffective and has done nothing to protect the young and vulnerable members of our society from alcohol harm.’ Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The Irish Times

An opportunity to make a major difference to the health of future generations will be spurned by failure to tackle alcohol marketing, the Joint Commit(...)

A 500ml can of lager has 20 grams of alcohol, so, based on a minimum price of 90 cent per 10 grams, which Leo Varadkar and his department are considering, the cheapest retail price under minimum pricing would be €1.80

The price of all but the cheapest alcoholic drinks will not be affected by the introduction of minimum pricing, industry sources have said. The cha(...)

The National Off-Licence Association estimates the exchequer loss at €21 million annually based on the volume of alcohol sales

The Government is under increasing pressure to ban below-cost sales of alcohol as figures indicate the taxpayer is effectively subsidising the drinks(...)

 Finian Sweeney in Sweeney’s off-licence in Phibsborough, Dublin. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The lowest hanging fruit appears to be the grape, and it was once again targeted by Michael Noonan when he announced a 50 cent increase in excise duty(...)

Weathering the storm

The wine business in Ireland is going through difficult times. Representative body National Off-Licence Association says that 544 wine retailers have (...)

Revenue officials carried out 12 seizures of counterfeit alcohol up to up to the end of July in which 840 litres were seized. This compares to just seven seizures in 2012 in which 232 litres were recovered

The Revenue Commissioners have seized 3.5 times more potentially harmful counterfeit alcohol in the first seven months of 2013 than it did in the full(...)

It’s a grim world out there for the independent off-licence, with a study from the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland finding this week that whil(...)

International Monetary Fund  division chief Benedict Clements told the National Healthcare Conference in Dublin that Irish healthcare workers were “relatively well-paid” compared with other countries. Photograph: Wanderley Massafelli/Photocall Ireland

PAUL CULLENHealth Correspondent High pay among Irish healthcare workers is largely responsible for the State’s rapidly rising h(...)