Making a living from genealogy isn’t easy in Ireland. There is no career path, very few employers and lots of competition. But many people involved (...)

Guarding our treasures

There is an onus on each generation to preserve and protect the national cultural treasures in its care, to keep them secure for future generations. T(...)

Researchers accustomed to the way online genealogy works elsewhere in the English-speaking world find the Irish situation strange. Elsewhere, record(...)

Irish Roots

The meat and potatoes of Irish genealogical research used to consist of hour after hour spent at a National Library microfilm reader slowly going thro(...)

In Myles na gCopaleen’s wonderful parody of Gaeltacht autobiography, An Beál Bocht (The Poor Mouth), the narrator, Gaeilgeoir Bonaparte O’Coonassa, de(...)

Irish Roots

Roman Catholic parish registers constitute by far the most important set of records for 19th-century Irish local and family history. And, in th(...)

Irish Roots

Like it or not, is the single most important Irish records website. Almost everyone researching their ancestors in 19th-century(...)

Irish Roots

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Which is to say that trying to explain why you can’t find your ancestor is akin to collecting water i(...)

A digital archive

In what is being described as its biggest undertaking since the 17th Century, the British Library has committted itself to adding to its vast s(...)