Some past pupils unions  have encouraged fellow fee-paying colleges to write letters of objection to Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

A campaign by fee-paying schools against legislation that would regulate admissions policies is set to intensify after school representatives met at (...)

Prof Odom delivered a talk on evidence-based programs for students with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) at the sixth annual National Council for Special Education Research Conference held today at the Croke Park Convention Centre. Photograph: Getty

Responding to interventions touted to benefit the treatment of autism in children, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, medicinal marijuana and aquatic (...)

Professor Samuel Odom said it was often hard for parents of children with autism to access information on treatments.

An international expert on the treatment of autism has warned Irish parents against interventions which are marketed as “cutting edge technologies but(...)

A “better and fairer” way of allocating special education teachers to mainstream schools has been proposed by a working group of the National Council (...)

Educational psychologist William K Wilkinson: He believes it can be a big relief to children when it’s explained how their problems are very specific and not a reflection of their level of intelligence.

Detection of an educational disability can be a profound moment for parents, for teachers and for children themselves.“It really is a game-changer,” s(...)

Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan:  said the aim was to “move towards a system where educational supports and needs of children would be provided”.   Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan has signalled that it may be 2016 before changes to allocating special needs resources in schools are introduced(...)

For all its flaws, the plan for the allocation of special educational needs supports is well-intentioned, and schools are broadly supportive

Plans to have a new system in place by next September for the allocation of special educational needs supports are looking increasingly optimistic.(...)

Clive Byrne, director of National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals, said principals had been asked to make “guesstimates”.

A third of post-primary schools have failed to return questionnaires designed to help allocate resources for special education needs from next Septem(...)

Jan O’Sullivan: ‘What happened with the introduction of free fees is that it has increased participation in general but it hasn’t got rid of the inequality in terms of participation levels.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

As managerial appointments go, Jan O’Sullivan’s was a popular one. Like Martin O’Neill to Ruairi Quinn’s Trapattoni, O’Sullivan was taking over from a(...)

A briefing document for Minister Jan O’Sullivan describes as a “critical issue” the adequacy of capitation funding, which has been reduced at primary level from €200 per pupil to €173 over the past four years.Photograph: Cyril Byrne.

Cuts in the education budget have left some schools in a precarious state and have created an “unsustainable” loss of leadership, Minister for Educat(...)