‘If communication with teachers and students is good, there’s less likely to be conflict with parents.’ Photograph: Getty Images

How can you help your children to reach their full potential in school? Dozens of studies make it clear what matters most in a child’s education is(...)

TUI president Gerry Quinn (centre left) protesting in Dublin. File photograph: Cyril Byrne

Timeline to Junior Cycle reform: November 2011: National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) publishes report proposing a major reform of the(...)

Teaching in the 21st century is not just about the imparting of knowledge. It is the challenging and complex task of teaching learners to form questions of their own

A response to Dr William Reville: Dr William Reville has expressed his concerns regarding modern teaching methods (Click here to read “Beware o(...)

‘The syllabus revision that was never quite achieved was motivated in part by inspectors noticing rote learning as opposed to thinking.’

Somebody had the bright idea, in 2000, to review the Leaving Certificate economics syllabus. No doubt this was motivated in part by the fact that n(...)

Philosophers and entrepreneurs are both neglected, it appears. Now both are demanding due recognition in our education system as pivotal elements of t(...)

A statue of Socrates in Athens: the philosopher  was a “midwife” to the truth. Teachers must interrogate pupils’ standpoints and create critical thinking

We’re only about 2,500 years behind the Greeks but Philosophy is finally making it on to the school curriculum. The National Council for Curriculum an(...)

UCC academics Prof Áine Hyland and Prof Brian Bocking believe Ireland “is in a process of erratic and unpredictable transition”  and religious and secular interests are “seemingly clashing head-on”. Photograph: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

The quality of religious education (RE) in Irish schools deserves much closer scrutiny with many pupils and teachers regarding it as a “doss” subject(...)

The genetics question was unusual, as birds were used in the example. Bird chromosomes are the opposite way around to other species. File photograph:  Bob Winters/AFP

It was a challenging day for students of biology who emerged from the higher level paper complaining of difficult and, at times, old-fashioned questio(...)

Aselection of handwritten letters and postcards written to Italian tenor Enrico Caruso. Photograph:  Leon Neal /Getty Images

  The Junior Cert business syllabus needs an update, according to teachers. Higher-level business students sat two papers, while ordinary-(...)

The NIC pilot in action: Coláiste Mhicíl students Aaron Blackhall, Andrew Quinn, Jakub Kaczmarek and Alex Hartlep

A boat that “raises all tides” is how one secondary school principal describes an innovative programme aimed at enhancing student engagement by giv(...)