People often ask me how I’m faring with this daily practice of mindfulness. Am I happier? Am I managing my life better? Am I on top of my game?Mindful(...)

After any upheaval in our life, when we’re punch drunk from grief or worn out from relentless stresses in our lives, we need to stop. It’s hard to pau(...)

I hear myself asking “Are we there yet?” I am at Week 43 of this column. It’s October and I expected to be radiant by now. The truth is this year of l(...)

No matter how often we hear the term “mental health”, especially given the week that’s in it, it can be hard to know exactly what it means. Everyone t(...)

I wake at 5am but stay put until 6am. Getting up is no problem when I get to bed early. But it’s murder when I don’t.I plod downstairs and open the ba(...)

Ease, we are told, can be ours for the asking. But things we find difficult constantly show their face, regardless of how well we eat, pray and love. (...)

There are moments in life when friends and strangers are drawn together by tragedy. In the past week I mourned the sudden loss of a beautiful young pe(...)

’It’s slowly dawning on me that the Leaving Cert is no panacea.’ Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

No great epiphany moment accompanied the end of the last Leaving Cert exam. I’m not sure what I was expecting. Life after the Leaving Cert is very muc(...)

When mindfulness touches something beautiful it reveals its beauty. When it touches something painful it(...)