Tommy Furey of the Marine Institute onboard the Celtic Explorer with maps of mountains in the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is leading the world in deep-sea mapping. Photograph: Andrew Downes/XPOSURE

The Earth’s oceans cover about 70 per cent of the surface of the planet. Human beings have explored only 10 per cent. The deepest oceans are largel(...)

Dark streaks on the slopes of Hale Crater on Mars are believed to have been formed by seasonal flow of water. Photograph: EPA/Nasa/ JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

In the Ray Bradbury short story A Sound of Thunder, a time traveller goes back to the late Cretaceous era, because who doesn’t want to see a live dino(...)

An Irish scientist examining photographs from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found further evidence of water flowing on the surface of Mars increasing the chances of life existing on the Red Planet.

An Irish scientist has found new evidence of flowing water on the surface of Mars. Dr Colman Gallagher, of the UCD School of Geography, and Open Univ(...)

Havana: Rules on who can go to Cuba have been loosened recently. Photograph:  Ana Rodriguez/AFP/Getty Images
Road Warrior

New services from the US to Cuba coming This week the United States and Cuba will hold talks in Havana on resuming scheduled air services between the (...)

The Red Planet

Dark streaks on the sides of Martian craters. Possibly water. Streams that flow only in the planet’s summer. Possibly. And life? All we can say for ce(...)

A combination of six pictures shows the rising supermoon in the sky over  Frankfurt, Germany, on Monday. Photograph: Reuters 1:05

Stargazers across the Ireland have observed a blood red ‘supermoon’ for the first time in 30 years. The eerie light created from a lunar eclipse with(...)

A  file photo taken on October 8th, 2014 shows a lunar eclipse as seen from Tokyo. A total eclipse of the moon will occur in the early hours of Monday morning and Irish skywatchers will have an excellent chance of seeing it. Photograph: Yoshikazu TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images.

A total eclipse of the moon will occur in the early hours of Monday morning and Irish skywatchers will have an excellent chance of seeing it. The moo(...)

SolarBeat gives Earth and her celestial companions an eerie, minimalist soundtrack that is based on their orbits.

What does the solar system sound like? This accurate simulation of the orbital frequencies of the planets (complete with a dashboard clocking up the y(...)

Research at NASA for the last two decades has focused on the International Space Station

The Space Race used to be a 100-metre sprint. Now it’s more like a three-legged event. Things move slower and cooperation is vital. The manned space (...)

A Nasa/Esa Hubble Space Telescope image showing the complexity of the “Twin Jet Nebula”. It highlights the nebula’s shells and its expanding gas

Stars die every day but sometimes they do so in a spectacular fashion. And the show gets even better when there are two stars at the end of their days(...)