Nasa/JPL-Caltech handout shows an artist’s conception of one possible appearance of the nearest rocky exoplanet found to date outside our solar system. Image: AFP/Getty Images

Astronomers have confirmed the discovery of the nearest rocky planet outside the solar system. Using Nasa’s Spitzer Space Telescope astronomers were a(...)

Amazon plans to deliver packages via drone within 30 minutes. Photograph: Francois Mori/AP

Amazon is proposing that a slice of airspace above the world’s cities and suburbs should be set aside for the deployment of high-speed aerial drones (...)

Ariel Waldman: the former Nasa employee is keen to break down perceived barriers to science via the ‘Science Hack Day’ events

All-nighters are not fun. Whether catching up on office work, studying for an exam or doing extra project research, they rarely feel productive. Howe(...)

New Horizons scientists used enhanced color images to detect differences in the composition and texture of Pluto’s surface. Photograph: EPA/NASA. 0:57

New photos of Pluto released by Nasa reveal flows of nitrogen ice filling up craters, an atmosphere that could be on the verge of collapse, and a m(...)

An artist’s impression compares Earth (left) to the new planet, called Kepler-452b, which is about 60 per cent larger in diameter. Photograph: Nasa/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle

Nasa says it has discovered an earth-like planet in a “habitable zone” around a star similar to the sun. Scientists using Nasa’s powerful Kepler tel(...)

The accident destroyed an unmanned Dragon cargo ship about two minutes after it lifted off from Florida for the International Space Station. Photograph: Mike Brown/Reuters

A faulty metal brace in an unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket likely triggered the explosion that destroyed the booster minutes after liftoff from Florid(...)

An artist’s impression issued  of the New Horizons spacecraft. Image: Johns Hopkins University/Southwest Research Institute/PA

A few weeks ago, a big group of my friends climbed Carrauntoohil. I wasn’t able to make it, unfortunately, but looked at the photographs of the trek w(...)

A handout photo provided by Nasa taken on July 15, 2015, by Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft shows a large craterless plain on Pluto called Sputnik Planum. The plain hints at the wide variety of surface features on the dwarf planet. The features might be signs of convection, caused by heat within the planet, or might be comparable to mud cracks, caused by the contraction of the surface. Photograph: Nasa/John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute via The New York Times.

New pictures relayed by the first spacecraft to visit distant Pluto show odd polygon-shaped features and smooth hills in an crater-free plain, indicat(...)

Commercial spaceflight has received the official seal of approval of the US government as Nasa teams up with Boeing and Elon Musk’s privately owned Sp(...)

Artist’s concept of the New Horizons spacecraft as it approaches Pluto

On July 14th, the Nasa space probe New Horizons will make its closest flyby over the dwarf planet Pluto and begin its first scientific observations(...)