An aurora a million times brighter than aurora borealis was detected over a  failed star  by a team led by NUI Galway graduate Dr Gregg Hallinan

The Irish astronomer involved in identifying the most powerful aurora recorded around a failed star outside the solar system has criticised the Govern(...)

Trinity College Dublin and the University of Limerick have received British Athena SWAN bronze awards, but NUIG and three other Irish higher education institutions were unsuccessful.

A campaign for equality at NUI Galway (NUIG) says that the university’s failure to secure a new accreditation for gender equality policies “vindicates(...)

Glenoaks Hotel at Rahoon, Galway city: situated on Bishop O’Donnell Road midway between the city and Salthill

Agent O’Donnellan & Joyce is quoting €1.5 million for the Glenoaks Hotel at Rahoon in Galway city. The 36-bedroom hotel is situated on Bishop O’Do(...)

Mike Williams, who has died aged 67, was a charismatic geology professor whose enthusiasm took him a long way from dry tomes and dusty lecture halls. (...)

UCC’s student centre: the university is to boost its international student cohort from 14 per cent to 20 per cent. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The scramble for student accommodation is expected to be worse than ever this September, and an analysis completed by the Higher Education Authority ((...)

‘When it comes to the marine, we’ve a pretty good record of selling off the family silver, or even giving it away.’ Above, John Fitzgerald takes Lorna Siggins on a seaweed foraging tour. Photograph: Valerie O’Sullivan

There can be few more pleasurable ways to acquire a spot of Latin than wading through cool, clear Atlantic waves off a southwest Kerry beach. I(...)

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn: to chair national review of gender equality in higher education sector. Photograph: Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images.

Former European commissioner and Fianna Fáil minister Máire Geoghegan-Quinn is to chair a national review of gender equality in higher education. Ms (...)

A student in NUI Galway, Eamon Buckley is survived by his mother Joy, father Tom, brother Liam and sisters Caoimhe and Roisín. His twin brother Liam is a first year Arts student at NUI Galway.

A local community in Moycullen, Galway is paying tribute to 19-year-old Eamon Buckley who drowned while holidaying in Split, Croatia. He had been att(...)

President  Michael D Higgins. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

President Michael D Higgins called for harmony among European nations and said the Greek crisis must not be allowed to reoccur. He made his comments (...)

Installation at ‘Relativity’, an exhibition by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini at the Festival Gallery. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Windguru and other internet weather maps will be scrutinised in Galway this week as a 30m-long “Skywhale” prepares to take flight over the city. The m(...)