Economist Jonathan Gruber: claimed Obamacare legislation passed Congress because of a ‘lack of transparency’ and ‘the stupidity of the American voter’. Photograph: Evan McGlinn/the New York Times

Loose talk – or candid views, depending on your political leaning – from an academic health economist came like manna from heaven for Republicans a(...)

Rory O’Shea: “Universities must be prepared to forgo an immediate financial return to promote new partnerships.”

A new book, co-edited by Dr Rory O’Shea, of the UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business, examines ways universities can be more successful in creating h(...)

Satellite images which a Russian TV station has claimed suggest Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 (top) was shot down by a Ukrainian warplane (inset). Photograph: east2west news/Channel One.

Russian state-controlled TV has broadcast what it called “sensational” photographs, which it said supported Moscow’s theory that Malaysia Airlines fl(...)

The new lithium battery  promises to solve two of the biggest grumbles about electric cars - high prices and low driving ranges. It’s headed for production in just over a year.

A new battery that promises to solve two of the biggest grumbles about electric cars - high prices and low driving ranges - is headed for shop floors (...)

John (left) and Patrick Collison, co-founders of Stripe, outside their offices in Palo Alto, California

Apple’s list of partners for its new Apple Pay service reads like a Who’s Who of the payments world, including Visa and First Data. Then there’s St(...)

Thanks for the memories: it only required shining a blue light on certain cells in the mouse brain to change the memory. Photograph: Simon Baker/Getty Images

The intriguing possibility of changing your bad memories into good ones has been raised by research in the US. Scientists there have managed to flip (...)

Mind what you say near bags of crisps

You should always mind what you say close to a microphone. Just ask any politician whose undiplomatic utterances have been captured for all to hear. B(...)

Dr Tony Bazley, regional director of 
 exploration company Tamboran: “We would ask for people to keep an open mind and make a decision based on the facts, not misinformation.”

Dr Tony Bazley is the regional director of the exploration company Tamboran based in Co Down who has the task of trying to sell shale gas exploration (...)

An origami-inspired robot capable of folding and unfolding itself, made by Samuel Felton, a graduate student at Harvard.  Photograph: Seth Kroll/Wyss Institute via The New York Times

US researchers, inspired by the Japanese paper folding art of origami, have developed a “Transformer” robot that can assemble itself from a flat sheet(...)

The El Salt archeological site, a known site of Neanderthal occupation in southern Spain that dates back 50,000 years. Fossilised faecal matter found at the site indicates to scientists that Neanderthals may have been ominivores rather than carnivores, as previously thought. Photograph: Ainara Sistiaga/Handout via Reuters

The discovery of the oldest known human faeces is offering valuable scientific insight into the life of Neanderthals who lived in Spain some 50,000 ye(...)