The Department of Social Protection believes that the new personal injuries scheme is broadly in line with recommendations made by the Law Reform Commission and are similar to provisions in place in Britain, including Northern Ireland

For many years now, compensation awards paid by insurance companies in personal injuries cases have been reduced to take account of the payment of soc(...)

Everyone charged with a criminal offence is constitutionally entitled to a fair trial

The law governing disclosure in criminal proceedings, currently under review by the Law Reform Commission, is of particular interest to those working (...)

High-quality films for children have a special place in our cultural landscape. To reach beyond children to adults requires a sure touch for ta(...)

A quiet revolution occurred in the Irish criminal justice system this month, although few noticed it. On Tuesday, March 18th, the Court of Crim(...)

Geoffrey Shannon, the Law Society’s special rapporteur on child protection, will be one of the speakers at the homecare conference. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Ireland’s first national homecare conference will hear calls for the sector to be put under statutory regulation. The c(...)

Not named: the majority of those convicted of sex crimes in the Central Criminal Court are not named in the media after conviction

The recent prosecutions of British celebrities for sex offences have highlighted the differences between UK anonymity laws and those in Ireland, wh(...)

CHARLES LYSAGHTRecent litigation challenging the validity of gifts to members of their family made by persons who later go bankrupt pinpoints a seriou(...)

Liam Herrick has been director of the Irish Penal Reform Trust since 2007. Photograph: Eric Luke

A human rights specialist with a long record in equality and legal reform will be announced as President Michael D Higgins’s new special adviser this (...)

Domestic violence occurs all year round and worsens during the festive season of Christmas and New Year when perpetrators exert more control over fina(...)

The successful nominees were selected from a list of candidates put forward by the Judicial Appointments Advisory Board.

The Government has nominated senior counsels Marie Baker and Bronagh O’Hanlon and solicitor Max Barrett for appointment by the President to the High C(...)