Prof Orla Feely , Vice-President for Research , Innovation and Impact at UCD. Photograph: Eric Luke

The Irish Research Council is facing considerable change given the departure at the end of this month of its chairwoman, Prof Orla Feely. Much greater(...)

Eoin Carley at the Paris Observatory

Postgraduate qualifications in a word: research. Postgrads are all about specialist thinking, of looking at the world in new ways, and figuring out(...)

The advice is clear: study languages, go for an IT course, get a job in construction, think about science and engineering. This, students are told, is(...)

Spending for scientific research has remained largely static for 2015. Photograph: Getty

Spending for scientific research has remained largely static for 2015 despite ambitious job creation targets associated with Science Foundation Irelan(...)

The release of Leaving results two weeks ago showed increased numbers of students sitting physics, biology, chemistry and higher maths

The message is getting through to students and their parents – it is a good idea to consider studying physics, biology, chemistry and higher maths (...)

The dangerous Aspergillus fumigatus is one of the most common disease-causing agents affecting immunocompromised patients but is also a problem in food safety. I

Researchers at NUI Maynooth have found the “off” switch for a powerful toxin produced by a fungus that is a life threatener for cancer and organ trans(...)

Dr Emmanuelle Graciet, who is trying to counter plant diseases.   Photograph: Emma Moseley

Each year, millions of euro of taxpayers’ money flows into scientific research. Announcements are made and pictures are taken. But what happens wit(...)

To coax the fish into breeding, researchers have tried to recreate its natural spawning conditions in freshwater tanks

What does the fish say? New research at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) aims to shed light on just how vocal a unique Irish fish is. Bio(...)

On the curriculum: The many faces of history: President John F Kennedy at Áras an Uachtaráin, 1963 with President de Valera

Junior-cycle reform remains a contentious topic. For many history teachers it represents a threat to the subject they love. Some have voiced co(...)

Fiona Crouch of the Marine Biological Association of the UK, speaking during a survey as part of the launch of Shore Thing Ireland at Spiddal, Co Galway. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy 3:58

Synthetic clothing, skin exfoliants and toothpaste may not sound too toxic, but to a lugworm or filter-feeding mussel they are lethal poison. (...)