Brett Meyers: “Irish companies can take over the world. The banks can’t get rid of high rates but we can, so CurrencyFair wants to help startups and SMEs grow.”

Fintech firm CurrencyFair is preparing for a major push on the business market as it targets Irish firms and seeks to boost export growth. The compa(...)

The gender gap in tech is not only a missed opportunity for women, but for businesses as well

A skills shortage in the technology industry is looming, both here and abroad, with the number of predicted job vacancies growing and concern mount(...)

 Julia Hartz,president, Eventbrite. Photograph: Stephen McCarthy/SPORTSFILE via Getty Images

Julia Hartz was 25 when she started San Francisco-headquartered ticketing service Eventbrite with her fiancé Kevin Hartz and chief technology officer (...)

  The first day of the web summit at the RDS in Dublin

Corporate teams that include women outperform those that do not on the group intelligence scale, according to the chief executive of a company commit(...)

Dublin’s digital heartland near Google’s offices on Barrow Street, Dublin 4.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

If you have ever inter-railed around eastern Europe there’s a good chance a tour guide or two has tried to convince you that their city is “the Paris (...)

Law passed by the Russian parliament requires personal data of their citizens to be stored on Russian soil

A new law passed by the Russian parliament requiring the personal data of their citizens to be stored on Russian soil will “no doubt have an effect” (...)

Kevin Toland: DAA chief executive will speak during Asia Business Week. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

As economic realities change, Asia’s potential for Ireland is becoming more and more evident.Asia Business Week, which kicks off in Dublin this Wednes(...)

The ability of local rescue organisations to use Facebook to campaign and raise funds is truly imnpressive.

Everyone knows that cats drive the internet. Lolcat pictures, the Grumpy Cat website, YouTube cats riding Roomba robot vacuum cleaners – felines rule.(...)

Alexander Van Gabain, chairman of the European Institure of Innovation and Technology (right), receiving his award for Serial Entrepreneurship at the Innovation Luminary Awards from Prof Martin Curley, vice-president of Intel Labs Eurpoe, Peter Finnegan, director international relations at Dublin City Council, and Megan Richards of the European Commission

Innovation is key to driving business development, kick-starting growth and boosting economic recovery. However the prospect of disrupting trad(...)

The battle to get Irish small businesses online is continuing with a new pilot project aiming to turn a range of small businesses into export-f(...)