Marie Walsh: ‘There are things I am grateful for . . . I don’t get wrapped up in dramas.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Five years ago, Marie Walsh, an orthopaedic co-ordinator at Tallaght hospital, left work after a busy shift. Four hours later, she was back in the hos(...)

Think of health checks as an NCT
for the body. Photograph:

Pitching up for a health check the morning after a wedding and with a horrible viral infection probably isn’t the best. However, luckily my appointmen(...)

Ann Marie Hourihane in Cinnamon cafe, Ranelagh in Dublin: ‘Perhaps the problem about continuing to live without alcohol was that I just wasn’t terrorised enough; my relationship with alcohol wasn’t that fraught.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

In Britain the Macmillan Trust cancer charity has calculated that the average drinker spends an average of 315 days hung over; that’s almost a year, p(...)

Caroline Allen: “I guess home cooking can’t be so bad after all - I just have to convince the 11-year-old. At least Lucy the Labrador never turns her nose up at my efforts.”

I had to tell a lie in English class today,” said the 11-year-old as he burst in the door from school. “I said you were a great cook,” he elaborated, (...)

Catherine Fulvio’s roasted yellow pepper and tomato soup. Photograph: Joanne Murphy. Taken from Catherine Fulvio’s cookbook Family Kitchen (Gill & MacMillan) 0:54

Celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio showed how good food can be healthy food at a cookery demonstration in Portlaoise this week.The audience was shown how(...)

Catherine Fulvio will be demonstrating healthy meals in Portlaoise as part of the Healthy Towns project

Celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio will be demonstrating how to make healthy and nutritious meals on Wednesday night in the Killeshin Hotel Portlaoise at(...)

Dr Maev-Ann Wren of the ESRI, lead author of a report on stroke survivors from the ESRI and the Irish Heart Foundation: it says community and inpatient rehabilitation for stroke survivors is poorly resourced  and there are wide regional variations in services

Rehabilitating stroke survivors in the community could save the health service between €2 million and €7 million a year and free up more than 24,000 (...)

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Healthy Town is a unique collaboration between the Irish Times and Pfizer Healthcare aimed at harnessing community spirit and expert knowledge to show(...)

Alcohol: Say ‘When’ Sooner
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  • September 2, 2014, 00:00

There is no recognised safe level of alcohol consumption for a person – it’s a range of low risk to high risk and the recommended maximum levels are a(...)

What is Healthy Eating?
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What you eat can either protect you or increase your chances of conditions such as heart disease and stroke. The following tips explain the basics (...)