Enda Kenny tried to  to pin some kind of blame on Gerry Adams who said he would recruit 3,000 gardaí and reopen 140 Garda stations. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

Will the last person to politicise the recent gangland murders please turn off the lights? And will the last person to use the murderous activity of g(...)

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards apologized for what she called the lack of compassion shown in the video. Stock photograph: Getty Images

Three separate investigations into Planned Parenthood have been started by officials in Texas following the release of a secretly recorded video which(...)

‘It is impossible to guarantee that those with disabilities in receipt of services will not experience abuse. However, well-resourced services provided in the community near a person’s family and friends minimises the scope for abuse.’ Photograph: Getty Images

The abuse of people with disabilities identified in RTÉ’s Prime Time investigation is unsurprising. The State has historically outsourced the provisio(...)

Alan Shatter: During his time in opposition he drafted more private members legislation than any other TD of his generation. And during his time as minister, Bills came out like luggage on a carousel. Photograph: David Sleator

There was a lot of the infamous American tennis player John McEnroe to Alan Shatter during his long tenure in the front ranks of Irish politics. He wa(...)

Recommendations from the Irish Council of Civil Liberties 
has saidIts recommendations
 elements of
 those presentedthe
 proposals by both the Law Society and Bar Council, which have advocated 
a reduction in the blurring of 
a greater separation between the political system and judicial appointments
and legal arenas in the appointments of judges
 Photograph: Reuters

The Judicial Appointments Advisory Board (JAAB) should be abolished and the Attorney General should have no involvement in the process of selec(...)

Senators Ivana Bacik and Jillian van Turnhout  voting as members of the Convention on the Constitution  on whether the offence of blasphemy should be kept as it is in the Constitution. Photograph:  Dara Mac Dónaill

The constitutional offence of blasphemy should be replaced with a new general provision to include incitement to religious hatred, the constitutional (...)

Setting out  options available to the constitutional convention’s 100 members, Dr Eoin O’Dell of Trinity College Dublin said the relevant section of the Constitution - Article 40.6.1(i) - could be left as it is or amended by removing the reference to “blasphemous” matter. File photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Ireland’s crime of blasphemy is a “dead letter” that cannot be prosecuted, the constitutional convention has heard. Dr Neville Cox of Trinity C(...)

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter:   System  ““will assist in finding and identifying missing or unknown persons” and will  play  crucial role in investigations of “cold cases” and the identification of perpetrators. Photograph: David Sleator

The creation of a DNA database for Ireland moved a step closer after Minister for Justice Alan Shatter introduced what he called “landmark legislation(...)

DNA can disclose complex information about a person’s family relationships, ethnic group and medical conditions, and continuous advances in science make it impossible to determine the full capabilities of DNA information.

The idea for a national DNA database has been circulating for a decade. Michael McDowell, then minister for justice, proposed it in 2003. The Law Refo(...)

Constitutional convention chairman  Tom Arnold: Mr Arnold said he was looking forward to a “fair and open” discussion where all members would have an equal say. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

It is highly likely the constitutional convention will express views on topics that are not on the agenda given to it by the G(...)