The elusive Irish summer looks set to arrive this week with Met Éireann expecting temperatures across the country to reach 25 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The elusive Irish summer has arrived with Met Éireann expecting temperatures across the country to reach 25 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday. After a(...)

The real warm weather from the south is due to arrive on Wednesday, bringing serious heat for the first time this summer. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

There may be a heatwave on the way but we will have to wait to break out the sunscreen. Temperatures over the weekend will be similar to the past week(...)

Temperatures are expected to hit 25 degrees  next Wednesday. Photograph: Frank Miller /The Irish Times 1:16

Grab the sunscreen and air out the swimwear because there’s sunshine headed our way and this time it’s bringing some real heat. A mini heatwave is se(...)

The terror of death has been my constant companion since the summer of 2013. In March of that year, I was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, which(...)

Loretto Dempsey who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease last year: “When someone calls the helpdesk with a problem with their PC, and I help them, I feel like I’m not sick at all.”

When Loretto Dempsey first had trouble moving the fingers of her left hand, she brushed it off as a trapped nerve. When walking up stairs became a pro(...)

Happy times: Teddy Fogarty with his three daughters, Rebecca, Lilly and Miley.

We may not have the hottest climate in the world, but we do have a high rate of skin cancer. The Irish Cancer Society advises people to be awar(...)

The blustery and unseasonably cold conditions over the bank holiday weekend will continue with temperatures reaching just 13 degrees at the start time of the Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin for the biggest event of its kind in the world

Wind and rain are expected to be unwelcome guests at the Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin and the Cork City Marathon which both take place today. The(...)

Often older people who struggle with eating large dinners find that a small meal such as a boiled egg with toast and butter or poached eggs on toast is more tolerable. Eggs are so nutritious, a great source of protein and represent great value for money

There are many reasons people go “off their food”. Pain is one, depression is another. Certain treatments and medications can deaden the appetite, as (...)

Nina Murray: she says the cost of her high-grade compression bandaging is €3,340 per year, and the total cost of her yearly treatment is €6,390.  Photograph: Alan Betson

Lymphoedema is a long-term swelling caused by a build-up of fluid in the body’s tissues, when the lymphatic system is unable to drain the fluid awa(...)

Brian Walsh believes his positive outlook helped him in his cancer battle.

In 2009 Brian Walsh was given six months to live. A father of two who is originally from London but has been living in Ennis, Co Clare, for years, (...)