The European Court of Justice has upheld an EU law that allows for standardised cigarette packaging and bans the advertising of e-cigarettes.  Photograph: Lisi Niesner/Reuters

The European Court of Justice, Europe’s highest court, has upheld an EU law that allows for standardised cigarette packaging and bans the advertising (...)

“The competition is a way in which we want to teach young children about the importance of clinical research, and get them to understand what a clinical trial is and the processes that are involved.”

Can listening to music at lunch time help to reduce stress at exam time? Does doing 20 jumping jacks every day at school result in increased fitness? (...)

An Irish cancer charity said that while it recognised e-cigarettes were safer than tobacco, it could not recommend them for use as a smoking cessation device until further research was carried out. Photograph: Getty Images

The Irish Cancer Society has said it cannot recommend e-cigarettes to help people stop smoking until further research is carried out into the long-ter(...)

The wearable monitor has a printed grid of UV-sensitive dyes that change colour depending on how much sun exposure they receive.

Lipstick. Nail polish. Shampoo. These are not exactly high tech but they are the kind of beauty staples that come to mind when you think of global bea(...)

Woman getting an ultrasound scan

Patients with urgent referrals for suspected cancer are seen within days in most parts of the State, according to the National Cancer Control Program(...)

Kirwan’s GP first did a physical examination before referring him for tests

Shane Kirwan has good reason to remember the day he came out of hospital after surgery for bowel cancer. It wasn’t just that he had successfully bee(...)

The Irish Cancer Society(ICS) report on waiting times for essential diagnostic tests makes sobering reading. A finding of “striking differences” in ac(...)

Waiting times for MRI brain scans were estimated to be on average 20 times longer in the public system than in the private. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

The Irish Times Poll of the Day aims to get an overview of readers’ opinions on current events. Today’s question: Is it wrong that private patients (...)

Patients and GPs should be provided with a standardised treatment summary of the anti-cancer therapy, the study recommends. Photograph: Thinkstock

Many GPs feel they are being left in the dark about the progress made by their patients after receiving a cancer diagnosis, a new study shows. A majo(...)

Public patients wait an average of 119-125 days for an MRI of the spine, musculoskeletal system or brain, while private patients are tested in under six days, the report shows. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Waiting times for potentially lifesaving tests for cancer are up to 25 times longer for public patients than for those paying privately, a new report (...)