A typical cycle of abuse is a rise in tension, followed by an explosion, followed by what’s called the “hearts and flowers” stage

What is going on with men who emotionally abuse women? I wondered this for the thousandth time when reading the latest Women’s Aid report on domest(...)

I was taken aback recently to read that 41 per cent of workers in the US don’t use up all of their holiday time. This is on top of the fact that 23 pe(...)

I once knew a man of whom the most frequently used description was “ignorant”. If you got a grunt out of him, you would be doing well. He was one of t(...)

Going through old photographs after my mother’s death, I came across a picture of her father, William Murphy, who lived in Caragh, near Naas in Co (...)

I had not heard of feminazis for some time until I saw the term in a tweet recently. I think the phrase used was “jackbooted feminazis” which is how i(...)

Now and then public figures come under attack for pointing out that young people, and especially women, may be more vulnerable to assault when they(...)

In many respects, that’s what the whole boredom thing is about: an inability to be okay with being with yourself. Odd, isn’t it, that we find ourselves so boring that we desperately rush to get away?

A fellow traveller in the bar at Dublin Airport ordered a large brandy. A minute later, he ordered a second one. “Can’t stick the boredom,” he told me(...)

Rape is a crime that is not much spoken about, even though its effects can be devastating and long lasting. Even the victims do not speak out.The exte(...)

Later onset alcoholism often starts with drink problems in people’s 40s and 50s.

The media in Britain recently reported, with what read like surprise, on excessive drinking among retired professional women. Because it is only in re(...)

Listening to a radio item about the capacity of smartphones to give teenagers a secret and sometimes dangerous life away from the control of the fa(...)