Are you a separated father facing your first Christmas away from your children? Or have you been living apart from your children for some years? Eithe(...)

Replaying the bullying scenes drains energy and makes you miserable

Bullying happens in the boardroom, in the open-plan office and on the factory floor. It can have devastating effects on normally well-performing pe(...)

How much do fathers matter when they are not living with the mothers of their children? They matter a great deal, and this is underscored by Watch (...)

Some people want to be heard. Some people want an audience. The ones who want to be heard are seeking a connection in which something about the(...)

If you wanted to find a crucible in which to grind down the mental health of men, women and especially children, homelessness would do the job just(...)

When I was in secondary school I got a summer job testing wheat in Leinster Mills, near Naas. Farmers brought their wheat from the fields, I stuck (...)

Sometimes John has a couple of drinks in the evening. Sometimes he has nothing alcoholic at all. Once a week, though, he drinks a full bottle of wine.(...)

When I’m feeling down and some grinning idiot smirks “Cheer up, it’ll never happen,” I feel tempted to smack the smirk off his face. If I ever succumb(...)

I learned about the value of the pause when I was a guest of a gracious and wealthy poet in her house in London. Her house was big enough to have its (...)

A typical cycle of abuse is a rise in tension, followed by an explosion, followed by what’s called the “hearts and flowers” stage

What is going on with men who emotionally abuse women? I wondered this for the thousandth time when reading the latest Women’s Aid report on domest(...)