‘I saw a group of men playing boules in a small square on a sunny afternoon. It struck me [it] provided a sort of undemanding friendship of a kind that I think men want.’

Friendship week: From best mates to bromances, all week on irishtimes.com/life-and-style, we take a closer look at friendship. Walking along a(...)

If the food had been served on a larger plate there is also a good chance that she would have eaten more of it.

Leaving food on the plate. Is that a female thing? At a lunch a few months I noticed that a lady at our table had been served a fillet steak. Altho(...)

Invisible audiences made up of people who are longer around continue to matter to us as though they were actually there sitting in front of us

Back when I was finishing secondary school, word reached my father’s family that I wanted to be a journalist. My mother told me they had remarked that(...)

The general consensus on the radio programme was that when you hit 50, you are going to find it hard to get another job or maybe even to get an interview. Photograph: Getty Images

When referred to as “dapper” the other day it struck me that I hadn’t been called that ever before and for good reason: I wasn’t old enough. It’s an a(...)

One morning in the last century when I worked on a building site in Rathcoole, I was told to meet a young German student who would be with us for som(...)

Burnout is one of the big issues of our time as people struggle to keep up with often impossible demands in both their work and personal lives. Someti(...)

Sometimes negativity is telling us about something we need to address and we would do better to listen to it than to push it away.

I knew two men who cultivated negativity in completely different ways. One was bitter. He dwelt on his own negativity and kept it burning away like a (...)

Reader responses to a recent column illustrate important points about dealing with bullying in the workplace. Photograph: Thinkstock

My recent column on bullying in the workplace brought responses that illustrate important points about dealing with this behaviour. “In my late 20s(...)

The pursuit of happyness: In the movie, Will Smith and his son struggle to find a home.

Noticing men morosely working in a hole in the ground on a cold, grey November day, it struck me that there are limits to the pursuit of happiness, a(...)

An English teacher called Mr Murray set me off on the road to journalism and to writing by reading out an essay of mine to our first-year cl(...)