Some in China believe that consuming the Chinese giant salamander can combat the effects of ageing.

The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has suspended 14 police officers and put a police chief under investigation on suspicion of feasting on an enda(...)

Legal imports have grown from 350,000 skins valued at just €100 million (€72 million) in 2005 as Beyoncé, Johnny Depp’s partner, Amber Heard, Khloé Kardashian and Tamara Ecclestone have jumped on the trend for the exotic handbags, which can sell for more than €5,000 each.

Illegally traded python skins worth $1 billion (€720 million) are being imported into Europe every year as weak regulation fails to stop illici(...)

Unesco has called for a halt to the development of a controversial £100 million golf resort on Northern Ireland’s north coast, it was revealed (...)

DESPITE atrocious weather last Friday week, the annual media fly-fishing outing to Annamoe in Co Wicklow went ahead as planned. Now in its nint(...)