Starry starry night: Dark Sky Ireland finds  more value in an unpolluted night than in filling B&Bs with star-struck winter hobbyists. Illustration: Michael Viney

A couple of winters after moving to Mayo I reported Venus to the Garda Síochána. There she was, on a starry February night, lying right on the sea’s h(...)

Wren boys in Dublin. Photograph: Frank Miller

People look to the skies at Christmas, some watching for a Yuletide star pointing the way and others for flying reindeer and a jolly character dres(...)

A nebula in the constellation Orion, photographed in 1999. Photograph courtesy of Nasa

As I write this column, the incessant rain is wreaking havoc across the country and depressing the overall mood of the entire population. While(...)

Senator Rónán Mullen told his audience the public is losing trust in politics.
Miriam Lord’s Week

Pylophobia: it’s everywhere these days and utterly rampant in Irish politics. Take committed pylophobe Rónán Mullen, who launched his European elec(...)

The Milky Way galaxy, as seen from a very dark site. The night sky in southwest Kerry offers an array of visible phenomena including the above, zodiacal light and faint meteors. Photograph: Babek Tafreshi/SSPL/Getty Images

A 700sq km area in southwest Kerry is expected to be named an international “dark sky reserve”, securing the highest designation for the exceptional (...)