The number of candidates listing construction as their first choice has more than doubled from 195 to 460 for level 8 honours programmes, while demand for level 7 and 6 construction courses has jumped from 198 to 482. Photograph: Eric Luke

Demand for construction, engineering and architecture courses has risen sharply in a trend that is due to push up college entry points for this year’s(...)

Speaking at a rally in Dublin today, USI president Laura Harmon warned a combination of private sector rent price increases alongside the continuing shortfall in purpose-built student accommodation will fuel a dropout culture in third level education unless immediate action is taken.  Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) believes that Government intervention is now necessary to offset rising rent prices that may lead to an increas(...)

Financial hardship among students has increased in the last four years and is a factor in college drop outs, suggests a report from the Higher Educat(...)

 UCD President Prof Andrew Deeks: “From my observation, coming from Australia and the UK, Ireland has the worst of both worlds in the sense that we get the smallest amount of money per student compared to Australia and the UK, but the student has to pay the biggest amount up front. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The student registration charge, which is set to hit €3,000 next year, has become a “barrier to higher education” and should be replaced with a stude(...)

Outgoing Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Three years and four months isn’t enough time to transform as conservative an area as education but Ruairi Quinn can’t be faulted for his effort. In t(...)

Former trade union leader Peter Cassells has been named as chairman of a working group to examine how to fund third level education in the future.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times.

Former trade union leader Peter Cassells has been named as chairman of a working group to examine how to fund third level education in the future.Mini(...)

A shift in thinking: the new emphasis on entrepreneurial graduates is a far cry from Cardinal John Henry Newman’s notion of university’s imparting the  “inestimable benefit of the litera scripta”. Phtograph: Chris Pecoraro/Getty

As a leading advocate of the “entrepreneurial graduate”, Kerry Murphy Healey did a surprisingly conventional PhD. The title of her dissertation was Th(...)

PhD student Monika Koziel, responsible for identifying potentially fatal species of bacteria in monkeys which can be passed onto humans at the CREATE build at Cork Institute of Technology. Photograph: Darragh Kane

Fancy living in a cave, picking beetles off the wall, shivering in fear for your life? That’s where you’d be without science. There’s no going back fr(...)

In what may be one of his final acts as Minister for Education before a Cabinet reshuffle in the autumn, Ruairi Quinn has set up a working group to de(...)

As well as looking at funding, the group will examine the economic benefits of higher education and how to measure efficiencies in the sector.

The likelihood of the Government deciding before the next general election on a new funding model for higher education has all but disappeared with t(...)