Prof Jonathan Hourihane said the UCC First Responder Anaphylaxis Autoinjector Programme was suspended in 2011 over concerns about administering a prescription-only medicine to a person who had not had that medicine prescribed.  Photograph: Thinkstock

The Government is being urged to legislate for a potentially life-saving anaphylaxis pilot initiative at an Irish university.Allergy expert Prof Jonat(...)

Illustration: Getty Images

Q Many years ago I was working in the secretarial pool of a large State company, a job that required training and exams to qualify, at my not very(...)

Sales of bottled water have shot up in Roscommon amid concerns that the boil water restriction could remain in place until the system gets a clean bill of health, possibly not for several weeks. Photograph: IStockphoto

A total of 13 cases of cryptosporidiosis have so far been diagnosed in Roscommon following a water contamination outbreak. Up to 6,000 pe(...)