The strength of the human spirit is phenomenal – on a good day. On a bad day, the human spirit can be vulnerable. And when we’re vulnerable, we are pr(...)

Youth mental health is such a “buzz” phrase these days that it is hard to believe it was hardly discussed in Ireland just a decade ago. The eme(...)

Founding director of Headstrong Dr Tony Bates: “If we don’t intervene now, as a country, and make our young people’s mental health a national priority we are just storing up and escalating entrenched mental-health issues for the future.” Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy.

One in 10 young people who used a service offered by youth mental health organisation Headstrong last year reported thoughts of suicide. Figures in (...)

Being a young parent comes with expectations that you will sit back and do nothing with your life or that you have had a baby as an accessory or an ex(...)

More than 1,500 young people and their parents are expected to attend “cyber school” at Dell’s Limerick campus on Good Friday. The event(...)