We’re all a little bit crazy – and at some point most managers have certainly felt that way about their subordinates. But maybe you’re the one drivin(...)

Prof David Bell of Harvard School of Business at Bord Bia’s Pathways for Growth seminar in Dublin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The Irish food industry must consolidate, get out of the “commodity trap” and exploit its potential for aquaculture.That was the message from Prof Dav(...)

A female investor suggested to Sheri Atwood that she dye her blonde hair darker to be taken more seriously by venture capitalists. Atwood says the recommendation underscores an attitude in Silicon Valley that women make second-class entrepreneurs. Photograph: Beck Diefenbach/Reuters

When she started her child-support tracking business SupportPay, Sheri Atwood expected all kinds of suggestions – but not the tip she got from a fe(...)

Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen predicted the iPhone would not succeed. Now, the business guru explains, it was disruptive after all; the market disrupted was for laptops rather than mobile phones. Photograph: Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images

Last week, I described the responses of music and book publishers to digital technology. The evolution of these industries illustrates the “innovator’(...)

Wall Street: For junior employees at investment banks, landing a job with a private equity firm can mean moving to the middle of a Wall Street war

A battle is raging on Wall Street as never before, with powerful factions scrambling for control of a precious resource. On one side are the giant inv(...)

Handybook founder Oisin Hanrahan

Handybook, the on-demand home cleaning and repair service co-founded by Oisín Hanrahan, has expanded into Europe by launching in London. The company,(...)

“Those who feel ‘harmonious passion’ towards work enjoy their jobs and experience that lovely sense of ‘flow’ when they are in the thick of it.”

The other day I gave a talk to about 80 middle-aged, mainly male tax experts. I asked them to put up their hands if they considered themselves to be p(...)

Professor Robert Kaplan: “The system needs to be reformed from within and doing it intelligently in ways that enable you to deliver the same or even better quality of care but at lower cost.” Photograph: 

, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School, speaking at a Masterclass Programme, Driving Change and Achieving Value Bassed Healthcare, in the Convention Centre, Dublin on Thursday.Photograph; Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish TimesPhotograph;
 Dara Mac Donaill
 / The Irish Times

Cutting spending and employment in healthcare in Ireland is the wrong way to go about reforming the system, a Harvard professor has told the Health(...)

The Twitter symbol is displayed at the post where the stock is traded on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange last   November. Shares of Twitter Inc sank 18 percent to a new low in frenzied trading on May 6th wiping out more than $4 billion of its market value. Photograph: Reuters

As Twitter’s share price sank to new lows this week, in the aftermath of results which disappointed investors, I recalled an interview that I had done(...)

Prof Robert S Kaplan will participate in eight sessions at the HSE-organised event between May 15th and May 16th for a total of almost six hours.

A Harvard professor is being paid $70,000 (€50,489) to give a two-day masterclass in Dublin to the Health Service Executive on Value in Healthcare.(...)