The dangerously ill teenager had snorted the drug, which allows the substance to enter the bloodstream and reach the brain very rapidly through nasal membranes

A new, potentially lethal drug is particularly dangerous if snorted rather than ingested, health experts warned yesterday. The synthetic substance was(...)

Hand-in-hand with increased customer traffic on the Darknet comes increased focus by law enforcement agencies

“Congratulations!” shout the large green letters printed across the computer screen. You can now browse the internet anonymously. Welcome to the Darkn(...)

Officers discovered 2.7kg of heroin, 1.1kg of ecstasy, almost 1kg of cannabis resin and 0.2kg of LSD tablets in a vehicle which had arrived in Rosslare from Cherbourg. Photograph: Revenue

Gardaí believe the seizure of more than 60kg of heroin, cocaine and other drugs worth almost €7 million in three separate raids will significantly dis(...)

On guard: customs officer Declan Smyth looks through a one-way mirror in the baggage hall at Dublin Airport. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons
When drug mules land in Ireland

It’s a dry, mild evening in the summer of 2006, and five gardaí are up to their necks in paperwork at a Dublin Garda station. The ring of the telephon(...)