China’s government is  weighing new rules to tame  less-regulated, riskier type of lending, while trying to ensure that more money from the shadow banking system is invested in the real economy rather than speculative activities

China’s shadow banking sector continued to grow at breakneck speed in 2013 and now ranks as the third largest in the world, a report released by the F(...)

England is looking to emulate the feats of Israel, which, following a review of computing in its schools around the turn of the century, developed one of the world’s most rigorous computer-science curricula for high schoolers.

At the start of the fall semester last month, England’s state-run schools began introducing its youngest students to a concept that would confuse most(...)

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said today he would use an upcoming G20 leaders summit to confront Russian president Vladimir Putin over the d(...)

A man detained by police during a raid sits on the ground in Sydney. Intelligence showed that militants connected with Islamic State were planning to behead a member of the public in Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said today. Photograph: Australian Federal Police/Reuters

Militants connected with radical group Islamic State were planning to behead a member of the public, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott said today,(...)

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan moved last year to scrap an Irish legal provision which was used by Apple to minimise its tax burden.

The OECD has set out far-reaching plans to eliminate aggressive tax avoidance by big multinationals, an initiative which is likely to prompt changes t(...)

Germany’s main business lobby today called for the government to give so-called “patent box” tax breaks on profits generated from patented research to(...)

Pro-independence supporters march through Glasgow on route to the BBC Scotland where they staged a protest against their perceived bias today. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Thousands of independence supporters took to the streets of Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, today as polls showed the rival camps running desperatel(...)

Scottish first minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond (centre)  with former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars (right). Photograph: Reuters/Paul Hackett

Major oil companies and the banks who have urged Scots to vote No will face “a day of reckoning” after next week’s referendum, a former deputy leader (...)

Mark Redmond: “The basic reason why we attract jobs is because US multinational operations in Ireland have a reputation for delivering on their mandate.”  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

In the global tax game, Ireland is a mere pawn, powerless in the face of big corporations and their aggressive tax avoidance schemes. It’s no s(...)

Minister for Jobs and Enterprise Richard Bruton: aid Ireland would not be pushed into raising its corporate tax rate.

Minister for Jobs and Enterprise Richard Bruton, who is this week leading a trade mission to Australia, has been accused by a tax lobby group of “hyp(...)