Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler: rules ban Internet providers from blocking and unfairly slowing down any web traffic

The US Federal Communications Commission has voted 3-2 along party lines, with Democrats in support, to set new so-called net neutrality rules that wo(...)

President Obama’s forceful statement last week in favour of net neutrality has surprised and delighted many internet activists, along with major tech (...)

Police in London and San Francisco reported significant drops in iPhone robberies six months after the Find My iPhone feature was introduced in iOS 7. Photograph: Reuters

Easy to sell on, at home or abroad, smartphones are a lucrative target for thieves.Smartphone theft is believed to account for 30 to 40 per cent of al(...)

The Business Class Studio of the new A380 aircraft of Etihad Airlines. Photograph: Karim Sahib/AFP/Getty Images
The future of air travel

A text message will tell you what gate you’re departing from, and another one later will tell you when that gate is open, allowing you more time for s(...)

The April decision by the ECJ to throw out Europe’s 2006 Data Retention Directive as well as the more recent ruling that Google is a data controller subject to national data protection laws in Europe which also can be forced to remove limited types of content on request, indicated the EU will prioritise personal privacy over certain business or government security arguments

In the wake of recent European Court of Justice decisions on privacy, and ongoing, divergent debates in the US and EU over net neutrality and copyrigh(...)

The New York Times and the Washington Post reported the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote as potentially achieving a diametrically opposed result on net neutrality.

In a significant vote, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last week voted against net neutrality. Or, if you prefer, in a significant vote(...)

More than 100 technology firms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon. com, have written to US telecom regulators to oppose a new “net neutra(...)

Opponents of merger say combined entity would have too much power. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable would not deprive consumers of TV or broadband choices and would help the two companies compete against(...)

The US Federal Communications Commission will consider allowing airline passengers to make voice calls using their mobile phones at altitudes above 10,000 feet. Photograph:  Eric Thayer/Reuters

The US Federal Communications Commission will consider allowing airline passengers to make voice calls using their mobile phones at altitudes above 10(...)

US attorney General Eric Holder during a news conference at the justice department yesterday in Washington. Mr Holder announced he has ordered an investigation into whether criminal activity took place at the Internal Revenue Service. Photograph: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Not since the covert surveillance exposed during the Watergate scandal of the 1970s has such a rash of revelations about spying and seemingly p(...)