Migrants look  from behind a window in the carriage at the railway station in the town of Bicske, Hungary. Photograph: Laszlo Balogh/Reuters

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has said Ireland may admit as many as 1,800 refugees under a European Union deal. The European Commission is e(...)

Women rest on a train that was stopped in Bicske, Hungary. Over 150,000 migrants have reached Hungary this year, most coming through the southern border with Serbia. Many apply for asylum but quickly try to leave for richer EU countries. Photograph: Petr David Josek/AP

The flow of migrants into Europe is endless and if the European Union does not protect its borders, tens of millions more may come, Hungarian prime mi(...)

Police seek to detain a woman and child after a train from Budapest heading to the Austrian border was stopped in Bicske, west of the Hungarian capital, on September 3rd, 2015. Photograph: Istvan Bielik/AFP/Getty Images

The number of people seeking asylum in Europe accelerated sharply in the first six months of this year. Figures compiled by Eurostat show a total of (...)

 Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban. Photograph: Olivier Hoslet/EPA

A defiant Hungarian prime minister arrived in Brussels yesterday for meetings with the EU’s three top officials. Subject: the migration crisis that ha(...)

Phones are charged at Keleti Railway Station in Budapest. Photograph: Herbert P Oczeret/EPA

Ahmed and Nur thought they had escaped Europe’s worst crisis when they packed their rucksacks and left eastern Ukraine behind. They studied in Kharkiv(...)

A young migrant girl holds up a handmade sign outside Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary, September 3rd. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

Minister for Defence Simon Coveney has said that Ireland’s response to the current refugee crisis in Europe is, and has been, a generous one. There is(...)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said it is “not realistic” to set a figure immediately on the number of refugees Ireland can take. Photograph: Getty

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said it is “not realistic” to set a figure immediately on the number of refugees Ireland can take. EU justice ministers will (...)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (L) and European Council president Donald Tusk in Brussels today. Photograph: Eric Vidal/Reuters

The European Union (EU) should accept at least 100,000 refugees, the head of the European Council has said, Speaking in Brussels at a joint press con(...)

A refugee family from Syria with their daughter as hundreds wait to take a train to Germany at Keleti train station in central Budapest. Photograph: Mauricio Lima/The New York Times

Hungarian riot police kept close watch over more than 2,000 migrants gathered outside Budapest’s main train station last night, as numbers, frustratio(...)

Secretary of state John Kerry: Voting against Iran nuclear deal would be a “self-destructive blow to our nation’s leadership”. Photograph: Getty Images

President Barack Obama has scored a major victory by securing the support of Democrat Barbara Mikulski as the 34th senator to back his nuclear deal wi(...)