The American Farm Bureau is drawing up a code of conduct, but farmers are concerned the data on their individual farms might be misused, sold or leaked to rival farmers. Photograph: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Monsanto is facing public ire again. By recently acquiring a Silicon Valley start-up called Climate Corporation for $1 billion, Monsanto gained access(...)

‘King penguin colonies are very crowded and can stretch for more than 1km on the relatively flat and featureless beaches, yet individuals know how to find their place within such colonies’

Displaced penguin chicks navigate well in pairs as they find their way back to base in their colony, according to a new study. King penguin chicks gat(...)

The anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background as observed by the Planck satellite

How do you find out about something that happened almost 14 billion years ago? Researchers looking at the growth of the early universe are piecing tog(...)

Sequoia sempervirens can be more than 100m high

Redwoods are giants of the tree world. Living individuals of the tallest species, Sequoia sempervirens, can be more than 100m high. Life at those leve(...)

The satellites will deliver visual and sensor information on land use, for example providing crop yield predictions or assessing the extent of national forests. Air pollution can be monitored also as can the ash from an active volcano 1:27

Europe will have a new eye in the sky when the Sentinel 1A (...)

Graduates from the faculty of science and engineering at UL

There are 2239 postgraduate programmes in the Republic, the vast majority accredited by QQI. Universities offer 1,574 courses, with 370 at ITs. The(...)

Breakers in Co Mayo: ocean surveillance is intense now. Illustration: Michael Viney

Beachcombed flotsam of marine technology decorates the Viney homestead, if not, I hope, in the manner of some overeager seafood boutiques – no nets or(...)

Apollo 16: carried lunar experiment devised by Irish scientists

A small part of the 1960s space race will soon go on display in Ireland, an experiment that flew to the moon in April 1972 with Apollo 16. Irish scien(...)

Dr Joseph Roche: Shortlisted for mission to Mars

Growing up on a small farm in Kildare, Joseph Roche spent many clear nights gazing at the stars, dreaming of becoming an astronaut. He couldn’t have k(...)

The Centre for Climate Change and Air Pollution Studies  service aims to provide warnings up to three days in advance of air quality deterioration from such incidents as   the massive smoke plume from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption in  Iceland in  April  2010.  Photograph: Arni Saeberg/Bloomberg

Volcanic ash clouds, heat waves and other air pollution incidents across Ireland and Europe can now be predicted several days in advance by a new fore(...)