Prof Valeria Nicolosi and Prof Jonathan Coleman, whose teams are leading the charge on 2D materials at the Amber research centre at Trinity. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The future is flat, and things will never be the same, according to 180 scientists who are attending a conference in Dublin. The latest flat techno(...)

The new president of the European Research Council wants to keep the organisation on the edge. He is not looking for safe and routine – he want(...)

Get yourself connected: a conference at NUI Maynooth this week heard what life might be like in a ‘smart city’. Photograph: Getty Images

Be careful what you say over social media in Chicago. Your casual comments could be scrutinised using “sentiment analysis” and you may attract (...)

Boston: smart city technology is helping city to get more children walking to school and reducing traffic congestion

The application of smart cities technology is helping Boston to get more children walking(...)

 Taoiseach Enda Kenny  at the Royal Irish Academy  where he attended the awarding of gold medals to  Prof Rob Kitchin (left) and Prof  Colin O’Dowd.P hotograph: Aidan Crawley

Research into how to make a city smarter and efforts to understand the impact of climate (...)

Dr Imelda Lambkin: overseeing the effort to secure €1.25 billion from the EU’s new research budget, dubbed Horizon 2020, for Irish researchers. photograph: brenda fitzsimons

Irish researchers are going to secure €1.25 billion from the EU’s new research budget, dubbed Horizon 2020, or Dr Imelda Lambkin will want to know why(...)

Late last year, more than 2,200 people gathered in the Convention Centre in Dublin for the national launch of the Horizon 2020 programme, which will i(...)

Dr Imelda Lambkin, national director of Ireland’s National Support Network for Horizon 2020: “Irish researchers are often getting involved in small activities, but I would urge them where possible to look at leading or co-ordinating a project.”

You might not think of it amid the fireworks and champagne corks, but when January arrives European research will enter a new phase. That’s because Ho(...)

Above, from left (standing): Lara Cassidy, TCD’s genetics department; Marina Lynch of TCD’s institute of neuroscience; Aoife Gowen of DIT’s environmental health department. Seated, from left: Annie Curtis of Trinity’s biomedical science Institute and Aoife McLysaght of TCD’s genetics department. Photograph:  Bryan O’Brien

Ada Lovelace – few people know her name, but more should and soon will.She was the daughter of the poet Byron, a mathematical prodigy, and the world’s(...)

Prof Valeria Nicolosi

Imagine a super thin sheet of material just one atom thick and you will be thinking about a new kind of electrical storage system under development at(...)