In the many accounts of the history of the emergence of Ireland from isolation from the late 1950s onwards, the name of Brian Joseph O’Connor, who has(...)

The European Parliament in Brussels: Ireland’s 12 MEPs had on average an 83 per cent attendance rate at European Parliament plenary sessions, a drop of 2 per cent from 2011, which places Ireland 19th out of the 27 EU countries, a report by the European Movement Ireland shows.

Irish MEPs attended the European Parliament on average less last year than they did in 2011, made far fewer speeches and submi(...)

The Irish public perception of Europe has been seriously challenged in recent times. Set against the backdrop of the economic malaise that has (...)

Minister of State for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton: “very concerned” at the low number of applications for EU jobs

Irish nationals have held the top civil service post in the EU since 2000 giving successive governments unprecedented access to the main(...)