Dominick Chilcott, British Ambassador to Ireland, addressing an Irish Exporters Association forum on Wednesday. Photograph: Maxwells.

The British government will not hold a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union “if the people deliver the wrong answer” in the (...)

“The admission that the euro was a mistake should not be confused with a desire to dissolve it. That would be even more catastrophic. It is merely a recognition that we are trapped in a dysfunctional monetary system.” (Photograph: JOHN MACDOUGAL/AFP/Getty Images)

There has hardly been a year when the EU has not been on the brink of some crisis: banking, sovereign debt, Russia’s annexation of Crimea and now ref(...)

 David Cameron: Even if the prime minister  achieves the square root of nought in his renegotiation of membership, Britain is already estranged from the EU core by its currency. Photograph: Justin Tallis/Reuters

Meant to wound, “Perfidious Albion” sometimes feels like a backhanded compliment. The world can see that Britain has done well out of its reluctance t(...)

Jimmy O’Mahony: an important career milestone was his appointment as secretary to the new marketing committee in the Department of Agriculture in 1948

For someone whose work had a considerable impact on the nation’s economic life, Jimmy O’Mahony, who has died aged 90, remained very much below the rad(...)

Nigel Lawson spoke to BBC Radio on Thursday from his home in France  Photograph: PA Wire

Nigel Lawson, a UK finance minister under Margaret Thatcher who once favoured pegging the pound to a European currency, said on Thursday he would lead(...)

Anti-EEC rally outside Leinster House, May 1972 – a masterclass in how to protest in style

A referendum campaign characterised by inflated rhetoric, cross-party bickering and more than a hint of scaremongering. And, in the end, a massive Yes(...)

British PM David Cameron’s proposed referendum aims to resolve ambivalence towards Brussels or at least close divisions that have dogged the Conservatives for decades. Photograph: Getty Images

Forty years ago this week, British voters went to the polls in the country’s first referendum on European Union membership. By a majority of two to on(...)

Linda Cullen and Feargha Ni Bhroan with their twin five-year-old children, Tess and Rosa, after voting in Monkstown polling station, Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Campaigners for same-sex marriage believe the referendum will be carried on the back of high turnouts in urban centres and massive engagement by yo(...)

Dara Calleary:   ‘The EU must reassert itself as a union that has people at its heart, as opposed to a union that places an increasingly flawed economic vision above all else.’  Photograph: Frank Miller

Fianna Fáil in government should “question and challenge” the European Union to a greater extent than any party in power has done previously, a party(...)

A cross marks a No vote on a ballot paper at the count centre for the Scottish referendum at Ingleston Hall in Edinburgh. Photograph: Getty

HARRY MCGEE The turnout of over 85 per cent in the Scottish referendum was phenomenal, higher than the turnout in any election or plebiscite since the(...)