In comparison with the rest of Europe, Ireland had one of the highest ranks for new cases of gonorrhoea in the last ten years

The HSE has launched a new sexual health strategy which aims to ease the “significant increase” in levels of sexually transmitted infections in Irelan(...)

A report from the European Centre for Disease Control shows that gonorrhoea rates continue to rise in Europe, particularly among men. Photograph: Thinkstock

The number of people with common sexually transmitted infections in Ireland has risen sharply over the past decade, a new Europe-wide report shows. T(...)

Ireland has one of the highest rates of hepatitis B in Europe, according to new data released to mark World Hepatitis Day today. Although the rates of(...)

One of the keys to successful treatment is to start the anti-virals within 48 hours of the first symptoms appearing

To paraphrase the Eagles song, there’s a new (influenza) bug in town. It’s nothing on the scale of a swine or avian flu, but sufficiently unusual t(...)

A central lab in Ireland would mean having the flexibility to reassign staff and resources to deal with problems when they become acute.

What happens to the samples you give in hospital? Patients are routinely asked to give samples of urine, sputum and blood. After a few hours, or somet(...)

Doctors’ smartphones have been identified as a new source of potentially fatal hospital infections, including MRSA

Medical researchers in the Netherlands have identified doctors’ smartphones as a new source of potentially fatal hospital infections, including MRSA –(...)

 Frozen berries,  responsible for the hepatitis A outbreak

The outbreak of hepatitis A related to frozen berries has been monitored by the European Centre for Disease Control since January, and it issued an as(...)